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Jibble Time Tracker插件简介

Jibble is the ultimate employee time tracking software, trusted by tens of thousands of customers to automate timesheets, manage payroll and gain insights into how and where their employees are spending time.

In this release, Jibble’s Chrome Extension added integrations with your favorite tools and platforms: Notion, Jira, and Google Docs.

Core Chrome Extension functionalities:
– Track time and take breaks
– Switch activities
– Detailed time entries
– Reminders
– Automatic clock out
– Keyboard shortcuts

Supercharge your time management with our time-tracking extension. Start tracking time from your Google Chrome browser with a click of a button, wherever your work takes you across the web. Easily track how much time you spend across activities and projects then analyze and export time reports from your Jibble account.

Jibble can be used for desk workers or remote teams and is used in various industries such as construction, education, hospitality, food services, healthcare and many more.

Time tracking in Jibble is free forever for unlimited users. Try out more advanced features with a free fully functional 14-day trial, no credit-card required. Forget about dealing with paper timesheets and save both time & money with Jibble!

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

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The Jibble extension has been immensely useful, providing me with convenience while completing my task. It's integration with applications is seamless and natural, not sticking out too much while still bing very user-friendly. Would recommend it to any fellow Jibble-er!


I would recommend Jibble to schools who require a user-friendly and robust attendance tracking application. At first I had a few questions, and the Jibble rep was able to answer each and every one quickly!


Very useful and saves time when it comes to clocking-in/out.


I've been using Jibble's Google Chrome extension for a while now, and it has truly become an essential tool for my daily workflow. This extension is downright easy to use and makes time tracking super simple. My teammates love it too. The command shortcuts are a nice touch, very handy!


it says integrates with notion but when it comes to it - it's via Zapier - may as well as not say you can. you have to then pay for zapier.


There is no integration with ClickUp. https://i.imgur.com/xZGihEH.png + https://i.imgur.com/YunjCN1.png You will not gain a clients by cheating.


I've been using the Jibble web app for a certain period. Having it in the Chrome extension makes it more practical, easier to use, and saves time. I'd recommend it to all new and existing users. Love it!


Been using Jibble extension for a week and I honestly love the feature where the color changes according to your activity. It made me feel more productive to do my work <3


Amazing!!! If before I was already in love by Jibble, now it mesmerize me. Besides the normal clock in/out the chrome extension helps me to change my activity with just a couple of clicks making my life easier and seamless. Highly recommended.


By using the chrome extension, clocking in/out is incredibly simple and saves my time. Overall, Jibble is user friendly! Really love it!


Finally I don't have to open the Jibble page anymore to track time.


It makes it very easy to track your time on a daily basis, without using anything else


It is so simple and intuitive plugin. Just 2 clicks to track time. Automatic clock out is very useful. I always forget to stop clock at the end of the day. All time and also breaks are saved on a website with lots of powerful features like reports and stats.


Been using Jibble to track my time for some time now and I didn't know they have such extension until a friend told me! (missed the announcement email). I love how it allows you to add clocking entry on-the-fly, from any tabs! Especially the hotkey--please add another shortcut for start/stop break, and I will add another star to this! :)


Jibble's Chrome extension is a life saver! I could switch my activity easily just by one click and the changes occur immediately. Keep it up!


The extension is quick, slick and sick. Can never go back, will never go back.


I've been using Jibble's Chrome extension for a few days now, and it has been a game-changer for my productivity. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, and it seamlessly integrates with my browser. I appreciate how easy it is to start and stop tracking my time, and the ability to categorize my time entries has helped me gain a better understanding of how I'm spending my workday. Overall, I highly recommend this time tracking Chrome extension for anyone looking to improve their productivity and gain insight into how they're spending their time!


Jibble is really easy to use! Especially with Chrome Extension, I no longer have to go to the app to clock in/out.


Jibble is an easy-to-use application. It helps a lot in our daily time management.


To clock in using Jibble is super easy, and it's even easier now with the chrome extension. Love this feature and well done to Jibble team for coming out with this <3