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📚 Meet Paperclips Copilot, your indispensable study partner that fits right into your browser! This Chrome extension is built for students like you, turning online study sessions into a breeze by converting any piece of text you find into high-quality flashcards. 🚀

🎩✨ And here’s the magic: come across a concept in your course notes or an interesting point on a web page? Just highlight it and click the handy tooltip that pops up. Presto! You’ve got yourself a flashcard. It’s that straightforward. What’s more, these flashcards stay organized 📂 and in sync across all tabs, ready for your review at any time. 🔄

🎁 But there’s more to Paperclips Copilot. We know that many of you are big fans of platforms like Anki and Quizlet. So we’ve designed our tool to seamlessly export your flashcards to these and other study platforms.

🌐 From course notes to blog posts, from research papers to news articles, Paperclips Copilot is here to revolutionize the way you study online. It’s more than just remembering facts; it’s about making every piece of information you encounter part of your learning journey. 🎯 Make your study more efficient, more engaging, and more enjoyable – one click at a time! 💡

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I downloaded a Jupyter notebook as .html and opened that and highlighted some output from running code cells from which I wanted flashcards but this doesn't work?


Super convenient to use -- nice and relevant flashcards with almost zero effort!


Super helpful. Very easy to use and overall a solid feature!


This is one of the five most beneficial applications on my computer. It is helping me a lot with my studies.


Incredibly powerful plugin that allows creation of flash cards from any text I read on the internet. It works seamlessly with my browser! This thing is from the future.


Una excelente extensión, hacer flashcards directamente desde el navegador es ahorrar muchísimo tiempo de estudio, además funciona muy bien, ¡Recomendado!


Great tool for studying!


This extension makes it so easy for me to not forget things while reading articles or websites! The UX is great and you can see that a lot of effort was put into making the experience as seamless as possible.


Made with love, trying to learn a new language and when I read articles in it I use this to remember some of the words I looked up with spaced repition!


This thing is sick!


Super convenient and useful!