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One-Click TickTick插件简介

If you frequently create TickTick tasks linking to a website you visit – maybe to visit again later or to remember something – One-Click TickTick is for you! Login once and saving a link to the current page is just one click away.

⚡ Quick and Snappy
Task creation is immediate, no waiting for TickTick to load. Click the button and the page is saved!

⭐ Features and Available Options
– [NEW] Web clipper functionality! Saves contents of the website as formatted task description (can be disabled in extension options)
– Add tags to each created task
– Automatically add a due date
– Quickly open the created task via the notification to add more information
– Right-click anywhere on the page to create a task
– Include selected text in the created task or use it as a title
– Close the current tab at the same time (use it as a “read later” button)

Tasks will directly land in your inbox. In the options page, you can configure additional properties the new tasks should have.

Functionality is limited by the official TickTick Open API. This is a community extensions not developed by TickTick.

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Simple, elegant, and it just works. High praises. Ideally, I'd love it to include in the Description field the page content stripped of superfluous garbage similar to how Pocket, Instapaper, and the Notion Web Clipper extensions work, but I do understand the lean purpose of this. That swaid, it's perfect for quickly capturing a link to an article in an organized way that I can be confident I'll find later.


Simple yet great.


Works! Thanks so much for fixing the one glaring weakness of TickTick - its terrible official extension that forces a new tab opening to create a new task and disrupts workflow! Your version makes it so easy to add things to TickTick!


failed to login with apple id


Très très facile. A remplacé d'autres extensions