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Dropshipping starts with product research and having an understanding of how competitive or saturated the product you are Dropshipping is, it is the key factor to look afterfor the product to be a winning one.

Saturation Scout Chrome Extension is used in determining whether the product you are Dropshipping is saturated, competitive, or untapped.

Along with that, it also shows the list of competitive stores selling that particularproduct, so you can spy on your competitor’s stores and look for more potential products to sell.

Our complex algorithm collects data from various resources all over the internet and evaluates the data based on the current market trends and displays the Saturation level of the product to the user.

How to use:
Simply install the extension through the chrome web store.
Go to the product page on AliExpress and once the product page is loaded. Click the extension icon and it will show you the saturation level of the product and the list of other stores selling the product plus give you the number of stores.

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beside limite utilisation she stop working sometimes


It's a nice App. because I do shopify dropshipping and it is tiring to browse for hours between pages to research products. Thanks to this App, I evaluate my market research with one click. Thanks Google Chrome! Thank you Saturation Scout founding team! :)


The use is limited to Ali Express only


great tool for a fair price. could have some more features but seems like those are coming soon.


At the first the tool is free to use but after they get a good reviews they make you to pay, even in their overview at the beginning they put under pricing "The extension is completely free to use", then they delete it. That so sad!!


Great, Easy and Free!


Great alternative to Saturation Inspector, at first i had an issue with the extension, I e-mailed them and they replied to me and fixed the problem in less than 3 minutes, 5 stars .


Works for me, and free, saves paying for the expensive Saturation Inspector, happy with that Wish it aslo tells you the literal quantity of other sites selling the item at the top, like on Saturation Inspector, wish the list of sites was a little more compact too, would be 5 stars then Tested it against saturation inspector and gave all the same results, actually gave even more in one case, so impressed with that Nice to finally see a developer thats not greedy and doesnt charge monthly subscriptions like a lot of others these days