Ludwig: Writing Assistant and Paraphraser




Use the Ludwig extension to search Ludwig while writing on Chrome and to write better English. Ludwig is the perfect writing assistant on Gmail, Google Doc, Medium, Twitter or anywhere you write. How?
1 > Highlight a piece of text
2 > Click on Ludwig’s popup (you can search for examples or rewrite any sentence)
3 > Get the examples you need to boost your writing inspiration

Ludwig is the writing assistant that helps you find new sentences or confirm what you are writing.
When you type a word or a sentence in English, Ludwig returns contextualized examples taken from reliable sources like the New York Times, The Guardian, Science, well-written English papers, etc.

You can use these examples to:
● Do a sanity check on a sentence to see if it’s grammatically correct and properly used in the way and context you’re using it.
● Find similar sentences to discover if there are other ways to express your ideas.
● Translate with a grain of salt: by searching in your language, a number of contextualized examples of translation will help you figure out what’s the best way to translate something in English.
● Get information, inspiration and statistics about sentences using the advanced search options.
● Look up definitions and synonyms in the dictionary that Ludwig provides.
● Paraphrase any sentence to find new ways of expressing your ideas.

Ludwig is not a grammar checker nor a translator nor a dictionary nor a collocation dictionary. Ludwig is simply the ideal partner to help put your words in order with your thoughts. And build your confidence and career one perfect sentence at a time.

☆ Are you a Ph.D. student?
☞ Use Ludwig to write your thesis.

☆ Are you a researcher?
☞ Use Ludwig to get that career-defining paper published.

☆ Are you a Student?
☞ Use Ludwig to pass that exam with great marks.

☆ Are you a Translator?
☞ Use Ludwig to spend less time checking jargon and expressions and increase your productivity.

☆ Are you an editor, blogger, writer, marketer, journalist, entrepreneur editor, or a copywriter?
☞ Don’t miss any work opportunity: your success may depend on your next email.

Ludwig helps everyone turn their ideas into well-written English phrases.

Start speaking your mind, in writing.
Write smarter, write with Ludwig.


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When I right-click to open the context menu, nothing appears. It appears not to function properly. They should release an updated version as soon as possible.


It is helping me a lot. i think it is gift of god for me for learning english


The chrome extension (ludwig.guru) is not working on my windows laptop. Selecting text on browser does not bring up the pop-up, nor does right click on context menu item display anything. I have to go to ludwig to make a query.


I'm currently using this extension (beta version) to write this comment, fantastic.!!!


Why they need so many permissions to provide such a simple service! Just use contentlake or lengusa instead of this. At least they don't collect literally everything I write!


The extension is a game changer.


I teach English for scientists and lawyers and this is the best tool for improving writing that I've found. So great. And the fact you can filter for whichever body of writing you want to consult is brilliant. Love it.


Useful. Been using it for almost a year now. This chrome extension is a welcome surprise. :)


They collect absurd amount of information for a writing app.


I recently found this app extension and I can't stop using it anymore !


The extension is great. I congratulate. However, after installing this extension, my processor load increased. It was not good that this happened when I was not doing anything with the extension. Disabling the extension significantly reduced the processor load. I think some adjustment is required to use system resources more efficiently.


I am a freelance technical writer. Ludwig helps me write simple, quality sentences.


As a premium user for more than two years, I found the app very useful. It saves a lot of time and brings all the functions of web search with 1 click. The ludwig himself was already great and now it becomes greater ;)


I'm in love with this Chrome Extension. It allows me to conveniently search on Ludwig from any tab on my browser and have Ludwig at my fingertips every time I have doubts about my English.


As a big fan of this service, which has helped my work much much easier, I am really happy to get the news that Ludwig.guru launched its Chrome extension. I installed it right away and found it to be extremely convenient, with a user-friendly interface. I highly recommend it.


I love it, and definitely recommend it. Easy to use, very accurate.


Very useful in particular when I need to find different ways of expressing the information I found on the web and with this application I can do it simply by selecting the text that interests me. Simple and ingenious.


Very useful and easy to use!