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Reply to emails in 1-click, powered by ChatGPT.

Superflows offers multiple 1-click replies to choose between. These are written in your voice and can include information specific to you, like your calendar link, to save you as much time as possible.


➤ Instant 1-click replies

Superflows writes multiple replies to each email ahead of time, so you can pick between them and send instantly, right from your Gmail inbox.

➤ Learns common replies

When relevant, Superflows suggests 1-click replies based on common emails you send.

➤ Generate replies instantly

Instantly prompt ChatGPT to generate new email replies. Unlike using ChatGPT, you won’t have to copy-paste the email to reply to and the email will be written in your style.

➤ Writes like you

Superflows analyses your writing style and writes email replies in your unique voice.

➤ Email summaries

Fly through your inbox by skipping the unnecessary chatter from emails – for most emails you only need an executive summary, so we provide you with this too.

➤ Custom reply types

Include key information in responses like answers to FAQ’s and calendar invite links by creating custom replies.


We take your privacy incredibly seriously. We always take a privacy-first approach.

We connect to your Gmail account to process emails and write suggested responses so you don’t have to wait for ChatGPT to write responses when you’re in your inbox. We only store generated emails and summaries for 14 days. We never store any emails you receive in our databases.

We never share or sell your data. We do not use your emails for any form of targeted advertising.

We never send emails on your behalf – you retain complete control over what is sent.

We use row-level security in our databases, meaning only you (when logged into your Gmail account) can access data relevant to you.

We’ve passed the CASA tier 2 assessment. CASA has built upon the industry-recognized standards for application security. More about CASA’s security assessments can be found here: https://appdefensealliance.dev/casa/casa-tiering

We use OpenAI for AI-enabled features – email reply generation and summarization. Under OpenAI’s policy, the data we send is not used for training future models. You can read about this policy here: https://openai.com/policies/api-data-usage-policies

Find out more about our approach to security here: https://www.superflows.ai/privacy.


Please feel free to contact [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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super easy to use and really helps with productivity


Really useful app. Developers are very helpful/friendly with any problems and resolve them quickly. Use it whilst it's still free!


Absolutely phenomenal tool. Has saved me already over 20 emails from having to manually respond. Wonderful tool. Great support too. Would recommend this to anyone!


Unfortunately, it doesn't work.


These guys are great, been a beta tester and their very communicative and have tons of ideas for the future of the app.