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Xodo | PDF Editor, Converter & Merger插件简介

Enjoy the better PDF experience by adding Xodo to your Chrome browser! Access PDF converter, PDF combiner, PDF filler, PDF editor, PDF merger and more to supercharge your productivity online.

Powerful PDF Converters and PDF tools to boost your productivity:

– Convert PDF to Word, PPT, Excel, PDF/A, HTML, JPG, JPEG and PNG
– Convert JPG, JPEG, PNG to PDF
– Convert Word, Excel, Powerpoint to PDF
– PDF Reader
– Edit PDF
– Merge PDF
– Compress PDF
– Crop and redact PDF
– Fill PDF
– Split PDF
– Rotate PDF pages
– Delete PDF pages
– Reduce PDF size
– Combine PDF files
– Sign a PDF

How to Use:
– Install Xodo extension
– Select an action from the top 5 tools
– Upload your file and use our online tools to edit, convert, compress, merge, combine, crop, and redact.
– Download your new file

With Xodo you can process various file types:
– Office: Word, Excel, powerpoint (doc, docx, xlsx, xlsm, ppt)

To access the full list of document processing tools, visit https://xodo.com

By installing the Chrome extension, you agree to Xodo Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (https://xodo.com/legal)

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Xodo | PDF Editor, Converter & Merger插件下载




Desbloqueou o pdf de graça


Rubbish. Just a set of links to the xodo site - use bookmarks instead! Not an uploader. Does not change default pdf viewer in the browser to something more useful. Data will be uploaded to their site. So privacy concerns as always


waste of time don't bother says free but you can only upload a document for free must pay for anything else. misleading and a waste of time.


Smooth, fast


Not easy wanted to edit my name on a pdf. Couldn't just put a textbox in a simple area as it wanted to highlight a major piece. Tried to make the second edit near it and nope it blended right into the first edit making this pointless for editing and viewing pdfs. Also if you mess up and forget something but download it you're out of luck you get one free use per a certain amount of time. Unless you get the pro version.


cant open pdf links in xodo's viewer (like adobe's acrobat new updated extension can), whats the point of this garbage extension? , how is it any different from a bookmark?


Why doesn't it open pdfs that I open in chrome with the xodo online reader?


Perfect I love it


I constantly scan in big documents and just need to combine them together and delete a few pages. It's perfect for that! Great product.


This is exactly what I have been searching for. I use it daily for my work and it makes it a lot easier to write my notes on the pdf than it is to constantly have to switch to a text and note.


I've beeing using XODO to mark up sheet music PDFs on my tablet for a few years ... and now it's available as an extension or a PWA or a simple web site!!! This just makes it even better!


Brest PDF to Word quality, free PDF Editing tools. Best of the crop.


I finally found an app to cut parts of a page inside a pdf!!! Fantastic tool!!!


i love this app (in Android is great),... if they put the eye care funtion this is will be awesome


Good PDF editor, but witout access The extension of Chorme do not open the PDF files baceause of "502 Bad Gateway". Please, check it. Thanks.


Wonderful experience. Very useful app for pdf files


Incredible tool to get easy access to so many PDF conversion and editing tools right in the browser. I use it all the time now.


Great extension and offers lots of useful functions to view, annotate and modify PDFs.


I like pdf.online because it's the most secure solution. Files are edited directly in the browser (like in good old desktop days) without being uploaded who knows where: https://pdf.online/tool-privacy


One of the best PDF chrome extensions ! Very useful & saves me time in my daily work.