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Web for Instagram – very simple app allows you to access to the Instagram mobile website like you can do on your smartphone but on your computer!
Just click on the extension icon in the toolbar (in the upper right corner of the browser) and get all the functions like in the mobile app.

Looking for a way how to download Video, Photo or Story from Instagram? Downloader of Instagram is based on unique technologies and feature you will not find in any other browser add-on.

Instagram is a popular photo-sharing network which allows you to instantly share photo snaps and short video clips of your daily life. Many users enjoy this app so much that they want to use on PC and utilize its full function, just as if they were using it on their phone.

It is a straightforward extension that adds a download and repost function to Instagram. You can save Reels videos for free and download images from Instagram in high quality and with no limits.

The iconic layout of mobile Instagram is in your browser! Simply click the button and get all features like in the mobile app:

– Upload your photos or videos
– Direct Messages are fully supported
– Open / Download photos and videos in full HD
– Everything you can do normally on your phone on the Instagram mobile website (like, follow, comment, browse, ..)
– Comfortable layout for a better experience

Simple & Efficient Web for Instagram.

Downloader for Instagram
Post photos, videos, stories, reels to Instagram from Web. Schedule posts, send DMs, manage hashtags.

Direct for IG offers you all mobile interface functions with two additional buttons that simply switch between Instagram direct messages and news feed. You spend much less time to open Direct. Just a single click from your browser turns you to all Instagram features.

Download photo, video and stories from Instagram. Convenient app to review instagram direct messages or news feed. Instagram

This app requires only the minimal permissions required to work to improve your security.

The screenshot feature is also available online for Instagram. Just take a screenshot of the interesting moments on Instagram and share it with your friends. Interesting comments or Instagram photos that you can focus and upload to your laptop as a screenshot.

You will love the user-friendly Web layout for Instagram. Based on many reviews and experiences, the perfect Chrome app has been created with an intuitive design and a beautiful interface, as well as many useful features.

Instagram™ is a trademark of Instagram Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. This is an independent project and has no relationship to Instagram™ or Instagram Inc.

Rate us! We work hard to provide you with the best experience for Instagram. If you like our extension, please provide us with a 5 star rating! If you have any questions, remarks or suggestions, we’d be happy to hear them! Please refer to our contact details below.

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Post photos, videos, stories, reels to Instagram from Web. Schedule posts, send DMs, manage hashtags.
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Use Desktop For Instagram To Get The Best Mobile Instagram Look And Feel Experience!
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No funciona en google chrome


bro i can't upload videos on story ,tell me how i can upload video on story???


doesnt work


update la bg/kk


doesnt work


Igual ao InSaverify | Web for Instagram e ao "Baixador do Instagram", faço cópia do que digitei na página das extensões. "INFELIZMENTE, ao instalar a extensão, ela faz SUMIR a BARRA DE ROLAGEM LATERAL. Funciona a que pretende o download, porém a função de rolagem é essencial, pois nem todas as telas de todos os aparelhos são iguais, eu perdia parte da visualização em posição retrato. Uma pena! Precisei desinstalar e a barra de rolagem retornou. Espero que corrijam para que eu possa reinstalar."


젤 조음 고화질 사진 다운 가능


не работает, пишет что "Этот браузер больше не поддерживается."☹️☹️☹️


FLAWLESS. I rarely write comments and I am not a paid person or bot or have any financial ties to the app creator. Must have app for grammers.


Quick, fast and reliable. Easy to activate. GREAT EXT!


Loved it. Did all i wanted it too. Right now I am a happy man.Easy to use, set and forget. I loved it.


precious downloader for instagram, love you.


Does what it says. Simple to use. Thanks for a great app.


Good very good. Simple to use good to handle.


Easy to use, dependable, useful plug-in. Highly recommended!


It's great! I've only had very occasional issues with it.


Great extension. Just love to use this one


i liked it very much , it is very efficient


This is the best I have used so far


در کروم پیام خطای عدم پشتیبانی میده