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Geometry Dash Strategy Game插件简介

Scratch is a platform where users can create their own games, well, from scratch, as the name suggests, and many talented independent developers have recreated popular games on it, with one of them being now shared with you all, and it’s none other than Geometry Dash, which you can now play directly from your browser for free, wherever you are!

Dash with the block and survive as long as possible!
You will become a yellow block who runs forward on the course by itself, with you having to press the up arrow key in order to make jumps, having to jump over the triangles and any kinds of other spikes you encounter, because if you hit into them, you lose then and there.

You should also jump on other shapes that don’t have a pointy end, such as rectangles, with which you can get to bigger heights and avoid the spikes at the bottom.

Your performance in this kind of game is measured by distance, so the more distance you make before you die, which will inevitably happen, the better. Good luck, and all the best we want to wish you all!


SPACE/UP Arrow = Jump
HOLD DOWN SPACE/UP Arrow = Multi-jump
UP Arrow = Steer vehicle up
DOWN Arrow = Steer vehicle down
Don’t touch the spikes, or you will have to restart!

To swipe Install this extension to play Geometri Dash game or offline with no additional downloads and no ads.

You can contact with us support@724fun.com and share your thoughts and problems

After clicking the add the game to chrome button, you can find the game in the extensions section. If you wish, you can visit 724fun.com. If you wish, you can play again and if you want to remove it, you can remove it from the extensions section.

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Its not entirely impossible considering I beat it however it seems unfinished. Although its a bootleg game it was a fun little challenge, the one by one jump IS possible


this game is just a blatant ripoff of geometry dash. avoids copyright by saying geometry RASH anad it even took the thumbnail off geometry dash without any editing. DISGUSTING 🤢 dont play just get actual gd


Nyc this site


I like the game, but it wont save your progress. Also, the game is rigged. Don't play.


A blatant ripoff of Geometry Dash. Do not play this.


1 level was really hard at the start (not all) 2 Geomtry Rash 💀 3 what Trockington Support said at the bottom of the reviews


It requires a great deal of concentration and patience. Although it is a very difficult and frustrating game, it is quite enjoyable.


THE GAME IS ACCAYY GOOD.I saw this game from my classmate,it caught my interest and I started it.My friend saw it from the kids in the class.Now the whole class is playing this game.Levels are hard and I like hard.Not many ads.I think it's great 😍❤️😍❤️😍


The game is very nice, a little difficult. But it can be played when we get used to it.


very poor knockoff. at least it didnt make new tabs like the last extension like this i had


It was a good game, however you can't use space or up arrow to jump, only the mousepad, which sucks. Next, it was made by some sketchy gaming site, making it look even more suspicious. And last but not least, THEY DECIDED TO CALL IT "Geometry Dash" like in the original.


This isnt the actual game the game's on steam and app stores


It was fun, but it doesn't allow you to press space or arrow keys to play.


It's a game of skill, I've been playing it for hours