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Need to organize your inbox? Baxter is at your service.

As your personal digital assistant, Baxter makes your Gmail inbox neat and tidy, without extra work from you.

Useful for both personal and professional Gmail accounts!


* Gives you a super-powered Unsubscribe button

Baxter adds a foolproof Unsubscribe button to Gmail, so you can unsubscribe from & clean out marketing emails you don’t want anymore. Select multiple emails and unsubscribe from them all at the same time!

* Adds a Bulk Remove button to the Gmail interface

If you come across email senders that you want to purge from your inbox, the Bulk Remove button allows you to select and delete ALL emails from them in one click. If you’re up against Gmail’s storage limits, Bulk Remove is a lifesaver!

* Automatically organizes your inbox with Labels

Gmail’s Labels are great for organization, but it’s a pain to label every email manually. That’s why Baxter has the ability to label emails automatically for you! 🙂

If you’re using Baxter with a personal email account, your emails can get tagged with useful labels, such as Taxes, Travel, Health, Career, and more, so you can scan your inbox more quickly to read what’s important.

And if you’re using Baxter to organize a professional Gmail account, you can set up your own custom labels in seconds. Labels help you stay on top of important emails from clients, for certain projects, or any other source of email you can think of.

And that’s not all!

Install Baxter to Google Chrome and connect to your Gmail to experience all of the little ways Baxter makes your inbox cleaner and less stressful.


No other Chrome Extension and Gmail Plugin offers the powerful simplicity of Baxter. With Baxter, you can Unsubscribe, Delete, and Filter emails from Senders, or entire Domains, right within the Gmail interface.

Have you always wanted to be better at using Folders or Labels? Baxter’s powerful labeling engine helps you scan your inbox more quickly. Don’t get blinded by the mass of marketing emails in your inbox every morning; color-coded labels and folders, automatically applied by Baxter, act as visual cues so you can pay attention to what matters most.

When it comes to Unsubscribing, Deleting marketing emails, Organizing your inbox, or Automatically Labeling and categorizing, Baxter is a convenient and simple solution that elevates your Gmail experience.

Baxter has been officially verified by Google’s 3rd party security partners. No data is kept or sold by Baxter.


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Works like a charm! Unsubscribe from spam and unwanted emails with one click and never miss an important email with automatic labeling!


Super helpful in dealing with unsubscribing and email labels are a great addition.


Paid for premium plan. Cannot get support to respond to my requests. The auto cleanup function does not work.


My email was something I dreaded using - now I look forward to going into it!


So far so good with Baxter. I am the kind of person who needs to see things listed by date, and having my emails grouped together showing "Yesterday" "This week" "This month" has been really helpful. It's amazing how well the unsubscribe function works, I was happy to find it very helpful.


i guess this is the first time i had somesort of control i had over my messed up mail


Very well thought email management extension.


Good extension!


Simple, easy and organized.


v helpful and organize-y <3


Easy to use, hoping to control all unwanted spam :)


very cool product, removed about 40k junk emails in just a few hours, which freed up about 6gb of space on google storage.


Baxter has brought a lot of order to my inbox! Effective and easy to use.


Usubscribe is very useful


My inboxes had gotten way out of control, and I needed help. This provided that help, quickly and efficiently.


Seems to be pretty good so far. Love the labels. Mass unsubscribe is nice too.


Super helpful to organize your life, organized inbox is just a plus point, but what it allows you to do is extremely powerful.


Interesting. I am not a zero-inbox person, so for me a little more order in busy inbox certainly helps.


Super helpful for organizing my emails so they are easy to find. Works on my phone too.


Super helpful. Lets me unsubscribe, but also adds the labels and folders so I can really get to a cleaned up inbox. Loving Baxter!