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Dislike Return插件简介

Introducing “Dislike Restore PRO,” a comprehensive extension that empowers users by reinstating the visibility of dislikes on a popular video platform.

With this extension, you can regain control and access a wealth of valuable information. By utilizing a combination of archived like and dislike data, along with input from extension users, the extension provides the most accurate ratings for your viewing pleasure.

Experience a more informed browsing experience and have a wonderful day!

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Dislike Return插件下载




worked fine until it started to automatically direct to microsoft bing without a way of turning it off


Acts like a virus and will auto redirect every search to bing regardless of your settings


тоже не работает


i don't want my browser to be bingsp.com thank you


redirects everything to bing its garbage dont add


Literally malware that redirects all google searches to bing


Browser Hijacks google and forces it to Bing - this is straight up malware


It is straight up malware. Do NOT download this. This extension implements the bing redirect when searching something with google search engine whithin crome. this needs to be removed asap


тоже не работает. что-то у всех плагинов дизлайки перестали работать. Наверное гугл что-то мутит


Switched my Google search to Bing. No thank you.


one of the best extensions that at least works


im now using "Dislike Return - Pro" and "Return Youtube Dislike" When one gets depreciated(meaning not working for the time being due to updates), the other one comes in clutch while the other updates into working again. Youtube sucks for removing dislikes. Dislike Return extensions rock for bringing them back :D




it worked fine for a bit but then when i searched things while having google as my main search engine it redirected to me to searchwhatever.xyz and binghd.com like huh?? this is just malware that infects your search engine and probably sells your data or smth


It is a malicious search engine hijacker, don't download


I don't know who the morons doing this are, but it is redirecting my GOOGLE searches to bing. THERE IS A REASON I USED GOOGLE BECAUSE BING DIRECTS ME TO A BUNCH OF UNSAFE SOURCES. I'm sorry but the devs of this APP, while useful, are dummies (I want to use a more vulgar version of this word) because they redirected me to a totally different search engine.


Virus it has to view all pages not only youtube


Don't install this extension! It forces you to use bing search engine. In this process, it will route you through some weird websites (which my Adblockers (UBlock & Pi-Hole) are blocking). Go for another one


not working AND changes your search to bing


This extension dosen't work and it redirects your search to the Bing search engine