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Outsmart your opponents and climb the ranks on the FACEIT CS2 platform with FACEIT Mappio.

FACEIT Mappio gives you a competitive edge by:
– displaying the map veto tendencies of the opposing team’s captain
– providing map-related statistics for each player, including the number of matches played on each map and average K/D ratio
– providing average map-related statistics for each team, including the number of matches played on each map and average K/D ratio
– color-coding statistics for easy analysis

One of the key benefits of FACEIT Mappio is its ability to display the veto tendencies of the opposing team’s captain directly in the matchroom, so you can easily understand their map preferences. If you do not want to play a specific map, but you can see that the opposing captain drops it often, you can let them drop that map and use your veto pick for another map you do not want to play. This feature gives you all you need to pick the perfect map to dominate each match.

In addition, FACEIT Mappio displays each player’s individual and each team’s average map-related statistics, including the number of matches they have played on each map and their average K/D ratio on those maps. The extension color-codes the statistics to let you analyze the visible data easily. With this crucial information, you can pinpoint your opponents’ weak spots and tailor your veto strategy even further.

With its effortless functionality and seamless integration, FACEIT Mappio is a must-have addition to any serious FACEIT CS2 player’s toolkit. Download it today and start dominating your opponents on the FACEIT platform!

FACEIT Mappio is an independent product developed by a third-party developer and is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by FACEIT or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. We are not associated with FACEIT in any way, and our product is designed solely to enhance your experience on the FACEIT platform.

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Best extension for faceit!!


best one yet lol couldnt find a better ext for faceit


good prilojenie


Amazing extension made for professional players by professional player! I can't imagine how I lived all my life before without it. I hope everyone can become rich and popular by using this extension!!! 5of5!!!!!


This is something unreal! This is something that can turn your life upside down! I have no idea why no one has been able to implement such a brilliant idea as this developer before! If it were possible for me to "deeply" thank this developer, I would take this opportunity to the full 8 centimeters !!!


Amazing extension, handsome developer) When I use it I feel how my man-power is increasing! Can someone tell me who made this thing and where does he live, cause I want to thank him in person!


My life will never be the same! I wake up and think about this extension, I go to sleep with it on my mind. So simple, yet so genius!


This is unbelievable before I installed this extension, I had nothing, neither a girl, nor 10 lvl, nor a job, but as soon as I installed it, an Asian girl with a size 3 breast immediately appeared in the room, Google gave me a job offer, but now I never got 10 lvl. But still beautiful!


I was very bad at cs go, but after downloading this app, i ranked up to 4k elo in 2 days (before i was 300 elo player)


This is literally a game-changer!! Mappio allows you to make more informed decisions when it comes to vetoing maps and choosing which maps to play on. You can even use this information to predict which maps your opponents are likely to struggle on and exploit their weaknesses to your advantage. 🫣 The interface is very user-friendly and the data is presented in a clear and concise way. Overall, it is an incredibly useful tool for anyone who wants to gain an edge over their opponents. 🤫 Give it a try and see for yourself how much of a difference it can make!


Great extension!