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Automated Google Analytics Annotations GA4插件简介

Discover the power of automated annotations for Google Analytics, directly from your ad accounts, project management platforms, newsletters, and more. The extension is free to install, and by registering on our platform, you unlock a wealth of features and benefits. Start with a 7-day free trial and experience the full capabilities of Crystal Ball. At the end of the trial, simply choose a plan that best fits your needs.

Our Chrome Extension empowers you to add both automated and manual annotations swiftly and conveniently to your Google Analytics charts. Plus, you can easily do a bulk upload of events or annotations from Excel or Google Sheets, making your data management even more efficient. Installation of the Chrome Extension is a breeze. Register on our platform, start your free trial today, and elevate your Google Analytics experience with Crystal Ball!

Key Features:

Facebook: Track and optimize your Facebook post/Ads performance.
Instagram: Gain valuable insights into your Instagram account.
TikTok: Unlock the power of TikTok analytics.
YouTube: Get real-time insights into your YouTube channel’s performance.
GTM (Google Tag Manager): Effortlessly track your GTM updates.
Google Algorithm Updates: Stay ahead with automated annotations for Google updates.
Weather Alerts: Harness the power of automated weather alerts.
News Alerts: Stay informed with real-time content updates.
Retail Marketing Dates: Streamline your retail marketing strategy with automated annotations.
Website Monitoring: Ensure your website’s uptime.
Holidays: Gain valuable insights into the impact of holidays on your sales.
WordPress Site Changes: Supercharge your WordPress site with our plugin.
WordPress Core Updates: Stay in the loop with automated annotations for WordPress updates.
Apple Podcasts: Stay on top of the latest content and tracking changes to Apple podcasts.
Shopify: Track updates to product pricing and descriptions.
Github: Track and monitor your Github projects effortlessly.
Bitbucket: Track and monitor your Bitbucket projects effortlessly.
Rank Tracking (SERP): Monitor the daily fluctuations of your target keywords.

And if that’s not enough, upgrade to our Pro plan and enjoy thousands of integrations with our Zapier app. Connect it to your CRM, Google Sheets, or anything that is available on Zapier for a truly seamless and automated analytics experience.

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Automated Google Analytics Annotations GA4插件下载




Great when it works, very frustrating when annotations lag to show or don't show at all.


I can not believe they removed the native annotations for GA4. This extension is a life saver. Easy to use and to upload historic annotations from Universal


Works well and seems to be the best option for annotations in GA4


They have great tutorials to walk you through getting started and pricing (including free) is very good!


Working very well in new GA4 property


A friend recommended this annotation tool. I recommend also.


Wow its amazing! Finally I found this tool. Thank you GA4


Love this extensions on my chrome. Easy to use & super compatible with GA4


One of the best extensions on my chrome. Super compatible with GA4.


Finding these new integrations from Crystal Ball super useful.


I am thrilled that this tool enables categorization of annotations and that I can add annotations without having to go into analytics. The ability to quickly input annotations after an update is beneficial. I have eagerly awaited a solution like this for years, and the extensions are fantastic.


Nice, it’s annotating on GA4. Great job from the team.


Great extension, does exactly what you need it to do for GA4 annotating. Thanks!


Easy to use. Does what it says. Shows in both UA and GA4.


I love that this tool allows you to categorize annotations. I also love that I don't have to go -in- analytics to add annotations. Super helpful to quick throw in an annotation after an update.


Quick way to add automated insights to GA.


Super useful, easy to use and intuitive. I manage a bunch of websites and now I can make quick annotations for each, so its easy to understand what the data is trying to tell me! Thank you!


I tried others and this is the best for GA4, working very well


The automated annotations save me a lot of time, so greatful!!


Data and insight in one place. Great app. Thanks for this! Keep it up.