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Boost your job search effortlessly with Ambition – the ultimate AI-powered career companion.

🪄 Auto-fill job applications with ease
Simply upload your resume, and Ambition’s AI-powered parser takes care of the rest. It auto-fills job application forms using your prior responses, giving you more time to focus on landing that perfect position.

🎉 Find your perfect job match on 40,000+ sites
Ambition’s intelligent job matching feature scans your skill set and delivers personalized job recommendations from a vast range of sites. No more endless scrolling through irrelevant listings!

💯 Level up your job search with ChatGPT integration
Ambition’s AI assistant is always ready to support you, whether you need help with cover letter creation, interview tips, or any other aspect of your job search journey. Enjoy a seamless and interactive browsing experience.

✅ Bookmark your dream positions
Add jobs and companies to your bookmarks, and Ambition will keep an eye on any updates. We’ll notify you if there’s a change in the job status, so you don’t miss out on opportunities.

😍 Ambition is powered by ChatGPT
Through our integration with ChatGPT, Ambition offers a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly job search experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to revolutionize the way you find work.

Ready to transform your job search? Add Ambition to your browser today and unlock the full potential of your career aspirations.


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用于在Chrome OS上显示Info Screen.no安装为信息亭,请参阅有关我们帮助页面的更多信息。
用于在Chrome OS上显示Info Screen.no安装为信息亭,请参阅有关我们帮助页面的更多信息。
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I love that I can use this to locate jobs in Australia - however, the location function could do with some improvements. The AI defaulted my job search to New York when I asked it to do a search, and when I tried to correct to my city in Australia, it couldn't do this. Correcting manually has varied results - often a lot of the job locations would show up in another state of Australia instead. Lovely extension otherwise, just needs to function a little better location-wise.


Keep it up man don't believe in this kids who don't understand how a new product on a new market should improve. It's a great idea!


Didn't show me I didn't already get on LinkedIn and somehow signed me up for EVERY SINGLE JOB EMAIL on the PLANET. Non stop job spam. Just stick with LinkedIn or Indeed.


This content is blocked. Contact the site owner to fix the issue. That's the error message i got.


Installed, picket it up. Nothing happens. I click the egg icon, but nothing happens


Just installed and it doesn't even work. This is terrible.


The Extension for Chrome doesn't work for me. But the website seems to work. I will definitely try again later on.


I understand that this is probably a very new app, but it is very buggy and it doesn't really listen to what you say. I added a message about some specifics of the kind of role and organisation I'm looking for but Ambition just pulled one role from my experience and my city and ran a search for that. I can see it developing into a useful tool in the future but it's far from finished right now.


Total Garbage. It's a job board scraper looking to collect your resume. There's nothing ChatGPT about it. Do not use.