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Notion Notes插件简介

NotionNotes – You click, we Save!

NotionNotes saves your highlights/notes in just single click and doesn’t require any manual setup, Just sign in and you are good to go.
1. It will increase your productivity and let you focus on you research
2. One click save!
3. No database or page setup required
4. Save Images to notion workspace
5. Save to any notion page you want
6. Visit you notion pages directly from extension
7. Visit the URLs of the pages from which the highlights were taken
8. Filter, sort and export you notes

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Saved so much time with this extension, I've gone from reading through 100+ bookmarked sites for the paragraph or two of content I was interested in remembering/referencing to a condensed set of notes that can easily be sorted/searched/referenced as needed. Thank you devs!


This is exactly what I needed, TYSM!!


Gamechanging extensions if you are into atomic notes. This is the only extension I have found that enables you to save atomic notes from web articles for your zettelkasten. Most "save to notion" extensions want to save the whole article, and the one or two good ideas in the article are buried in a long note titled as the article is titled. This extension lets you save the highlights, with the url as a property, but the highlight itself becomes the title. Thus you have an atomic note, which can then be easily linked to other things without the extraneous surrounding text. I wish I could decorate the clip with other properties but hopefully the developer has this on his roadmap. How can I buy you a coffee?


I really want to use this extension but I cannot get past an annoying bug. No matter what I do I get stuck with this error message in the extension: "Oops, Looks like you have given access to a database/table instead of a page. Please provide Access to notion pages, Logout and Sign In again" I am checking off only pages, no tables or databases, yet I get this error message every time. I have checked all the settings and documentation steps but no resolution.


That's what I was looking for, The perfect way to capture notes via notion looking forward an iOS App with the same simplicity and functionality


Managing notes and data was always tough. This extention is very useful to make it easy.


It is a really good extension to increase productivity. The number of inbuilt tools and support for different file types within a note is amazing. The interface is very easy to use and intuitive. Kudos to the developers !!


Easy to understand, Useful on daily basis for productivity.


Managing data just became easy, WOW. I was in search of such thing and i just found that. Nice user interface.


- Its free - Very easy to use - Saves your time


Very useful thing and free of cost.


One of the best and useful things i found for productivity.


Very Useful Extension Easy to understand user interface


most useful extension


nice extension managing notes is now very easy


No more copy paste in any text editor because Notion Notes will take care of that. A wonderful application helps in saving notes and images. You can navigate to original links as well for saved text and images. Interface is very userfriendly so everyone can use it.


very useful extension... data collecting is very easy now... the user interface is very easy to use... it is very easy way rather than managing or copying pasting data from different different websites...


It is very much helpful for taking important notes for presentation and report for student like me.


really helpful.


It's very useful to take quick notes . No need to copy and paste the things and maintain private files . Interface is absolutely eye catching . Nice efforts.