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ParagraphAI is a world-class writing and knowledge assistant for students and professionals, with a free forever personal plan.

ParagraphAI is guaranteed to increase your productivity and writing quality. Instantly draft articles, respond to emails, and automatically ensure professional grammar and tone. Ask it anything and save time on tedious tasks. Welcome to the power of human-AI collaboration.


➤ *WRITE* articles, essays, and outlines on any topic you desire. Simply describe your topic — “an essay outline on Macbeth”, “a report about heat pump efficiency” — and ParagraphAI will produce perfectly written text in the format of your choice. Adjust tone and voice to further fine-tune your creations.

➤ *REPLY* to emails and messages in an instant. Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V) in any email or comment and get an immediate reply in your desired tone, just indicating approval or disapproval. Save time responding to emails and leave it to the AI.

➤ *IMPROVE* the grammar and tone of any text. ParagraphAI will rewrite rough drafts and outlines with professional spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Interpret the tone of your writing to ensure you are conveying what you wish to say.

Who It Benefits:

*PROFESSIONALS* can write and reply to emails, messages, reports, and more instantly and with perfect grammar. From Sales and Marketing to Customer Service and Operations, every professional will see the quality, impact and writing speed improve.

*STUDENTS* improve your writing, learn more about the world, brainstorm and collaborate with a world-class AI writing and knowledge assistant and get instant feedback on your work.

*ORGANIZATIONS* can empower their people to be more productive and improve all internal and external communications. Grammatical errors and unintended tones can cost your organization valuable relationships. Ensure your organization is always presented professionally and in the best light with ParagraphAI.

About Us:

ParagraphAI is built with love by a team of expert engineers and designers from Meta, MIT and more. We aim to embrace the potential of human-AI collaboration, and power-up writing for students and professionals alike. Interested? Download the extension today and join the AI productivity revolution.


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ParagraphAi has quickly become my go-to AI writing tool, both on desktop and on Android. While it does have some issues, it's important to remember that all brand new technologies, including AI, have their fair share of challenges.


Few days later not working at all.


Not working


I love this app I have tried a lot of AI writers but this is by far the best in my opinion


not free


Bunch of thieves!!! First, if you buy it there is no option for $5.99, advertised. Secondly, I payed 24.99 for a month subscription and only got 4 days. There is no way to call them and the "help" button sends you to write an email that does not get a response. This is 100% trash and theft. Stay away!!!!!


I have added the app to Chrome, but it doesn't work waste of time.


Fantastic, writes better than I ever could


very bad. free user reduced to 5 per day from 20. AVOID


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Мне нравится! Но пожалуйста добавьте русский язык! Пожалуйста!


I am thoroughly relishing the utilization of this remarkable chrom extension. It has been an absolute game-changer in my Role-playing arsenal. The Paragraph AI feature, in particular, has proven to be an incredibly useful tool that has significantly enhanced my writing experience. With its advanced algorithms and intuitive interface, I am now able to effortlessly craft intricate and compelling narratives that captivate my audience. The extension has truly revolutionized the way I approach my writing, and I cannot imagine going back to my old methods. Every keystroke is now imbued with a newfound sense of purpose and creativity, and I am constantly amazed by the depth and richness of the stories that I am able to create. In short, this chrom extension has become an indispensable part of my writing process, and I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who is serious about their craft.


Brilliant! 5 of 5 stars!


Screen way too small on Mac... for the rest pretty good.


I really want to love this tool but currently frustrated!!!What is going on with the software? It kicked me out and i was unable to log back in, not even to create account whatsoever...


Best extension and app to generate fantastic content and email replies! highly recommended, and i love their keyboard on iOS


Paragraph AI is a highly efficient writing assistant that has greatly improved my writing experience. Its ability to suggest relevant synonyms and provide grammatical corrections has saved me a lot of time and effort. The software is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it accessible to writers of all levels. Overall, I highly recommend Paragraph AI to anyone looking to enhance their writing skills.




Just wanted to share my experience with ParagraphAI after using it for a month. It has been a game changer for my work! The tool is incredibly helpful and has improved my productivity immensely. The only downside is that it doesn't have a native keyboard for android mobile yet. Overall, I highly recommend ParagraphAI for anyone looking to improve their writing efficiency.


ParagraphAI - это удивительный инструмент для всех, кто любит писать. Это расширение для Google Chrome, которое помогает автоматически создавать красиво оформленные параграфы. Оно прост в использовании и может ускорить процесс написания на порядки. Кроме того, ParagraphAI может помочь вам сделать ваш текст более читабельным и привлекательным для ваших читателей. В целом, я очень доволен этим инструментом и рекомендую его всем, кто хочет улучшить свои навыки письма. Written with ParagraphAI.