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AI Webcam Visual Effects插件简介

Discover a Wide Range of Features and Effects:

– Blur Video Background
– Change Background to Picture
– Change Background to Video
– Change Background to Screen Capture
– Picture-in-Picture Mode
– Beauty Filter (aka Touch Up My Appearance)
– Use professional animated Lower Third
– Add animated emojis and gifs from Giphy
– Apply cinematic video filters and professional color correction
– Use smart zoom feature to be always in a frame
– Record your stream locally
– Connection Improver

Optimize Your Online Presence with Our Cutting-Edge Background Editing App

Are you a digital marketer, student, or broadcaster looking to stand out in your virtual meetings? Look no further! Our versatile app is designed to elevate your Google Meet and other videoconference calls to the next level, ensuring that you capture everyone’s attention with a stunning video background. Read on to discover how our app can transform your online interactions and drive more visitors to your site.

Enhance Your Video Calls with Professional Backgrounds
Our app is not just for Google Meet; it’s compatible with all major videoconferencing platforms accessible via the Chrome browser, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, Omegle and other. By offering a seamless experience across various platforms, we ensure that you maintain a professional and impressive presence in every call.

Focus the Spotlight on You: Eliminate Distractions Instantly
Our powerful background blur feature allows you to keep the focus on you, filtering out any unwanted elements in your surroundings. Whether it’s a messy room, personal items, or even pets, you can conduct your video calls stress-free, knowing that your background remains flawless.

Craft the Perfect Image: Customize Your Appearance
Achieve the ideal business or creative look during your video conferences with our background replacement feature. Select from our extensive image library, upload your own, or initiate a screencast on a video background to create the perfect image of yourself.

Enhance Your Attractiveness: Look Your Best in Every Call
Our app goes beyond background editing. With our skin smoothing effect, vibrant colors, perfect white balance, and optimal lighting, you’re guaranteed to receive compliments from coworkers, classmates, or subscribers, enhancing your attractiveness and appeal in every call.

Boost Your Brand Recognition: Make a Lasting Impression
Leverage our app to add branded images to your video backgrounds during meetings, webinars, live streams, tutorials, online classes, and telemedicine sessions. This not only aids in brand recognition but also leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

New Feature: Record Your Webcam Video with Ease
Our latest update introduces a highly anticipated video recording feature, allowing you to capture and save your webcam videos locally. With just a few simple clicks, you can start recording your marketing messages, product demonstrations, or customer testimonials directly from your device. The videos are immediately saved to your system locally, ensuring that your valuable content is securely stored and readily accessible for future use. Whether you’re looking to create engaging social media posts, informative product tutorials, or compelling customer success stories, our video recording feature provides a hassle-free solution to meet all your marketing needs.

Easy Step-by-Step Installation and Usage:

1. Download the extension from the Chrome Webstore.
2. Pin the extension to your top browser bar for easy access.
3. Activate the extension during your video calls on Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or any other platform via Chrome.
4. Customize your virtual background and other effects with our user-friendly settings.

Ready to Transform Your Video Calls?

Visit our detailed guide on how to use our app and get started today: https://webcameffects.ai/install-onboarding

Elevate your virtual presence, impress your audience, and optimize your online interactions with our comprehensive background editing app. It’s time to make every call count!

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I was impressed by smartzoom - it is a real cool thing. When I move or change position, the program reacts quickly and adjusts the frame to keep my face in the center. I feel like a movie star who is always in the spotlight. This is especially cool when combined with a replacement background - the companion does not even notice if I move to the left, right or back. All in all, it's just a cool and useful feature that I would recommend to anyone who appreciates comfort and attention during video calls.


Use it, cool


Spectacularly simple tool to hide background during work calls. I used it several times for fun, colleagues enjoyed it a lot.


Excellent background blur extension. It perfectly fits with my Google Meet calls. I don't have to worry about my background during my work meetings. Thanks!


Great! Works with web video conferences and chat apps I use for work and pleasure! I can now apply video effects and tricks transparently through all web app which I use. Well done, looking forward for more effects and new features, thanks! (:


It's outstanding! Background blurring works on my Ubuntu 22 just perfect!