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pCloud Pass is in the early stages of release. More features and stability fixes will be arriving your way soon!

pCloud Pass is the secure password manager for your passwords and personal data. The extension will make it easy to keep important information safe and secure without interrupting your browsing experience.


✔ Automatically save your passwords, usernames and your credit card details as you browse
✔ Autofill passwords and easily log in to the websites you use every day
✔ Instantly fill payment forms with your credit card details
✔ Generate strong & unique passwords
✔ Store unlimited passwords, credit card details or encrypted notes
✔ Access your passwords and personal data across all your devices, anywhere you go


pCloud Pass was built with your privacy in mind. With our zero-knowledge privacy approach, the data you save is encrypted and only you can decrypt it with your Master Password. We do not have access to your data and we do not use, share or sell it to anyone.


pCloud Pass uses client-side encryption to secure your data. Everything you save gets encrypted on your device, before it’s uploaded to our servers. We use 256 AES encryption, PBKDF2 key strengthening and more to ensure your passwords and personal data are protected from all kinds of attacks.


Over 16 million people worldwide have chosen pCloud as their service provider. Never remember a password again! Let pCloud Pass become your go-to password manager.

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No complaints. Works as advertised.


Using since the day it was released and from the past few days I'm having this weird problem on both Chrome and Firefox that this extension forgets I'm logged in and when filling out a form it doesn't show any fillable details. I've to manually click the extension and it takes to the extension page where it shows decrypt and then it works. Why? I've not even closed the browser or anything. And it's happening across browsers I use - Edge, Chrome, Firefox


I like it for the most part. It's intuitive and quick. There are a couple things that need to be worked on, though: -it fills in far more fields than just username and password, e.g., vendor and other fields in various parts of Quickbooks Online - the P icon often totally obscures small fields - e.g., 3-4 character fields for PIN numbers, making it impossible to tell whether I've entered a value or not - I get more sites all the time where it does not offer to enter the username - only the password - as mentioned elsewhere, it records a new entry with the URL as the name of the site - I can just edit it, but it's an extra step - and it's a bigger deal when a new list of passwords is imported - I was asked for feedback initially, but can't find any means of giving it now - I think they'd be wanting it most during this early phase The bottom line is that it feels easy enough to use that I'll keep using it for now, but will see what kind of updates there might be before committing to it long term.


I wanted to love this. If it can't find a password for a page, then you have to click on the extension icon. It brings you to your vault page. This app needs a LOT of work before it's ready for primetime.


This extension needs to be redesigned. The way it is currently working makes it rather worthless, particularly if you have better free options which are not only more sophisticated but offer way more features. Here are some of my observations: 1. The auto-fill functionality does not work on all websites. I know this is not an issue unique to pCloud Pass. The REAL problem is that, once you're on a website where the autofill does not work you are forced to click on the extension. Now, instead of seeing a drop-down menu in which you can simply copy your username/password, the extension opens and redirects you to a new page. This is significantly counterintuitive and unpractical because now you must manually search the account credentials and then move to the website where you need to paste the credentials. To give you an example of this, just try to login in Firefox using pColud. 2. When you import passwords from other password managers the name of the account is being replaced by data in the URL. 3. pCloud (neither the free nor the paid version) allow you to enable 2FA on your accounts because it is not able to generate TOTP. You are therefore obliged to have a third-party authenticator app to generate the codes. This is ridiculous considering that virtually every single well known password managers is capable to store the TOTP seed and generate codes.


Easy to setup and easy to use