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AI-powered Notes on Videos – Video Notebook插件简介

How our extension powered by ChatGPT API works
▸ Take timestamped screenshots and notes on videos and meetings.
▸ Add bookmarks inside the video or meeting recording.
▸ Automatically generate AI notes whenever you take a screenshot or add a bookmark. The AI note summarizes what the speaker said at that time.
▸Enable the AI Notes setting to automatically generate notes whenever anything important is said.
▸Enable the AI Slides setting to automatically take screenshots of presenter’s slides during meetings and videos, using computer vision AI.
▸ Click on a bookmark’s or note’s timestamp to go back to a point in the video or the meeting recording when you took it.
▸ Organize your videos into notebooks.
▸ Search across your notes and transcripts (we automatically retrieve transcripts from YouTube, Google Meet, Udemy, and Coursera).
▸ Review your notes in our web app or export them to PDF or markdown.
▸ Share videos along with your screenshots and notes with your friends.

Notetaking on all video platforms finally in one place! Now powered by ChatGPT API.

🚀 Works with
▸ Video platforms: YouTube, Vimeo
▸ Online courses: Udemy, Coursera
▸ Google Meet

Video Notebook AI note-taker helps you remember more from your videos and meetings. Our bookmarking app can become your personal knowledge center for all your screenshots, slides, text notes, and transcripts!

It’s made for
📈 Those that learn from videos and courses.
💼 Those that attend virtual meetings.
🎓 K-12 and university students.
And is available 100% for free!

Learn more at www.videonotebook.com.

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Needs refinement Great idea, and I was totally sold on it from watching the help video. Sadly, the automatic AI, which isn't in the video, is exceedingly intrusive, can't be turned off, and somehow wipes out the manual notes I took. I don't want a TON of autogenerated notes, I want only the notes I choose to make, and to then perhaps augment THAT with AI. This is creating a "notebook" with far too much content that I'd have to look past. Going to have to stop using for now, but I would guess this gets fixed in the near future.


best tool i am using from 3 months but let it remain free to use it is very benificial for students like me...


Из-за данного расширения не удается авторизоваться на 4pda. Окно с авторизацией просто не отображается, если выключить данное расширение - все ок, окно с авторизацией отображается.




Its definitly a great tool for taking notes. Only request is that please add option for subfolder in the book. thank you


it is good but not able to add it




very very very very very baaaaaaaaaaad


A bit buggy (e.g. it creates a new note after being on the same Coursera video for some time) but I am able to navigate around it (for now, but I hope a fix will be implemented soon) Also, I would like it to support LinkedIn Learning videos. I have submitted the "Request to add domain" but I haven't heard/seen any progress being made on that domain being added. I use LinkedIn Learning a lot, would love to easily take down notes with this extension without having to keep pausing/playing just to take screenshots of slides in the video.




just awful, very hard too use and annoying


its too buggy on youtube(only place i used it). messes up with video, very slow, takes auto snaps at wrong timings, have difficulty syncing snaps proprly, poor organization tools for organizing the snaps.


I really used to love this app but starting form today I would probably never use it again or recommend it to anyone. Today I decided to use it to make notes on videos I was using to revise as I had many of the and wanted to save time. after writing for a total of 2 hours in great detail, I decided to go to my notes library so that I could write down all the information I had taken note of only to find that non of it had saved. I had analyzed a total of about 10 video and not a single one had saved!!!!! This is after it had deleted a few of my entries as I was writing but I didn't pay much to it as I could recall it, BUT NOW I HAVE TO RECALL MORE THAN 100 WORDS PER VIDEO?!?!?!?! I'm done.


Hi, I was really excited to use this because I need it, however, when I installed it, it didn't work on YouTube. I hope you can fix it. This is a very good invention if only u be able to fix it. Thank you and good luck.


After installation, it stopped functioning. I remove it. doesn't work.


Very usefull for learning app.


My youtube video notes are not visible in app. Also export pdf is not working .


i ask for the specific website approval . how long will it take to approved that ? is this extension is considered like an heavy extension i might notice this thing that my browser is becoming slower or its just misunderstanding .


just what I needed (although it works with errors)


I liked the extension alot! It meets my needs to take the notes very well but I am unable to export notes in the pdf form, please look into the concern!