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QuestionAI 作业 GPT4 动力 AI 助手插件简介

Your QuestionAI, powered by GPT, is capable of providing answer to complex questions and handling any task. It’s available everywhere in your browser.

Your AI assistant, the ChatGPT plugin, serves as your Copilot, ready to answer any complex questions in the sidebar. It can also assist you with your homework. QuestionAI is always there to help you! Just take a screenshot, and you can easily search for answers to your study questions. Our AI technology allows you to scan any question and get accurate answers instantly.

QuestionAI is a Chrome extension based on the Google browser. It enhances the ChatGPT model, increases your work efficiency, and allows you to experience the most central and cutting-edge AI technology first. Just press Cmd+K or Ctrl+K on any webpage to chat with ChatGPT.

🚀 Quick Start Tips

1️⃣ Simply press Cmd+E or Ctrl+E to take a screenshot and send the question to QuestionAI.
2️⃣ Just press Cmd+K or Ctrl+K to open QuestionAI and ask any question.
3️⃣ Use the prompt library to get inspiration for ChatGPT conversations from a large number of user-provided prompts.

📌【LaTeX Equation recognizer】
You can utilize our capture tool to identify LaTeX equations on any webpage and quickly initiate queries to AI. This will enable you to seamlessly communicate and ask questions to AI regarding various formulas with ease through the tool.

📌【Any time】

Our AI learning tool is available at any time to provide answers and support. Whether you’re pulling an all-nighter or need to do some quick learning over the weekend, our tool can meet your learning needs 24/7. Learn at your own pace, explore a variety of topics, and enhance your knowledge without worrying about usage limits or hidden fees.

📌【Easy to Use】

Ask questions by taking a screenshot. It’s a quick and easy way to find answers to learning questions, especially mathematical ones. It’s like having a knowledgeable tutor by your side. You can directly ask about anything unclear in the answers. Whether it’s complex mathematical equations, challenging theories, or confusing concepts, our AI learning assistant is always ready to provide you with instant answers and expert guidance.

📌【Supports All Subjects and Grades】

QuestionAI is not limited to mathematics. We support a wide range of topics and can provide answer across disciplines. From math and history to literature and foreign languages, our app is a one-stop solution for all your academic needs. QuestionAI is suitable for students at all levels. Whether you’re in middle school, high school, or receiving higher education, QuestionAI can meet your needs and support your learning.

📌【High-Quality Answers】

What sets QuestionAI apart is its unparalleled accuracy and speed. Our advanced AI technology ensures you get precise solutions quickly. You can trust our app to provide reliable information when you need it. Experience the speed, accuracy, and convenience of QuestionAI, which can help you excel in your studies.

📌【AI-Powered, Easy Writing】

With our innovative technology, you no longer have to worry about writing blocks or difficulty expressing your ideas. QuestionAI will analyze your writing prompts, provide intelligent suggestions, and help you create engaging and well-structured content. It’s like having a writing assistant that understands your voice and helps you perfect it. For busy individuals who need to complete tasks on time without compromising quality, this is a game-changer.

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