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AI Content Detector插件简介

With the Copyleaks AI Content Detector, you can quickly and accurately determine what was written by a human and what was created by an AI, including GPT-4 and Bard, even if the AI text was paraphrased or interspersed with human-written content.

Browse with confidence and verify the authenticity of posts on social media, news articles, and even reviews on your favorite shopping sites. The possibilities are endless.

AI Content Detector Key Features:

⭐ Unprecedented 99.1% accuracy and a 0.2% false positive rate, the lowest of any platform.

⭐ Detects ChatGPT (including GPT-4), Bard, T5, Jasper, and more.

⭐ Detects AI content over ten languages, including English, Spanish, and a dozen other languages, with additional languages currently in the works

⭐ Recognized by CNET, VentureBeat, Wall Street Journal, Search Engine Journal, Vanity Fair, and dozens of other leading publications

⭐ The most installs of any AI content detector and a five-star rating!

Using the Copyleaks AI Content Detector Extension is easy, and installation takes mere seconds. Simply follow these steps:

✅ Click ‘Add to Chrome’.
✅ Click on the extensions icon, and pin the AI Content Detector Extension to the extensions bar.
✅ Login via Google or Facebook.
✅ Start using the AI Content Detector Extension anywhere your internet browsing may take you by highlighting the text you want to verify and then clicking the extension icon.

We’re continually releasing new features and functionalities to help you get the most from our AI Content Detector. Recent new features include:

⭐ The ability to detect GPT-4 and Bard
⭐ Detection of paraphrased AI text, making Copyleaks the only platform capable of detecting paraphrased AI content.
⭐ A newly integrated confidence rating adds another layer of transparency.
⭐ Across the board accuracy improvements.

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It is best in the market just go for it.


I have a teacher who swears by this program. I have tried inputting my own written text which come out 100% AI. I have typed my own essay just using CopyLeaks and still, 100% AI. However, I had ChatCPT write a paragraph and then I retyped it word by word into the program and low and behold, it is detected at 100% human. This is highly unreliable for teachers to use.


100 % unreliable. You can literally type something new into their box akin to literary text, and have it come out as AI. Do not trust any claim of this site or extension. It is literally worthless and in fact, the LEAST reliable of all the AI detectors. It has made false positives so many times on various texts and I have spent HOURS rewritting texts from scratch and still have them incorrectly flagged and only by this site. I have and I recommend others to report it to Google for its fraudulent claims.


I was just curious to see if this worked so I copy pasted something directly from an AI content generator and it did say that was AI generated. I tired mixing in AI and Human writing but the extension said 100% AI generated. So I was like uh that's not correct so I wrote something completely myself and this said it was all AI written? I'm not sure if it is my writing style or not but this seems to just call almost everything AI. Would be great if this actually worked though. I hope no teachers are using this to check students.


Ok good


is good and accuratly But remove the log in option


Kinda OK, But I must log in and have to copypaste or select text manually. I thought it will be automatically.


It prompted me that some of my researched and written texts are AI-generated. Then, after re-writing and re-editing, some were passed as human-written text, while some are still showing that it is AI-generated. I even typed a different paragraph in the extention textarea and I still got an AI-detected prompt. Worst part is that it doesn't even show the percentage probability of AI. Copyleaks AI detector tool has been making content writing more exhausting recently. I don't think it's accurate in detecting AI-written text, and it is making lose client as a content writer.


Soy instructor universitario y probé este producto para verificar los trabajos de mis estudiantes después de algunos incidentes comprobados del uso de ChatGPT y otros tipos de inteligencia artificial en ciertas secciones de mi curso. La calidad de este programa es pésima, a veces da dos resultados diferentes para el mismo texto si se introduce en dos días distintos, y es muy fácil confundir el programa por cortar pedazos de un texto, por ejemplo un ensayo de seis páginas en sí puede dar un resultado de 100% limpio, para un párrafo extraído del mismo ensayo puede dar un resultado de 100% AI, que racionalmente no es posible. Además he comprobado con artículos que yo mismo he escrito y con párrafos que he visto a mis estudiantes escribir con mis propios ojos que Copyleaks frecuentemente da falsos positivos, haciendo el programa enteramente inútil y no una herramienta confiable para comprobar la presencia de AI en un texto. Es posible que funcione mejor en el inglés, pero para textos en español es inútil hasta el punto de ser peligroso su uso en un contexto institucional.


7 palabras iguales copiados es texto Humano. Mi solicitud con 20 palabras es AI 100%


Hasta ahora me funciona


I've played around with quite a few ai content checkers to see how accurate they were, and this one that I came across recently seems really efficient at it's job. Highly recommend!


Great App to detect AI created content, especially for SEO industry.


Ho provato con un testo che ho scritto io e mi da 84% scritto da ai


Falta mejorar el algoritmo. Marca todo como IA y el cupo diario es muy limitado (versión gratuita)


Very good AI detector! Works 100%


Todo lo marca como generado por AI, esto no sirve


Perfect results


I've just copied a text writted by me and it said that it was 98% AI Content


Literally opened ChatGPT and selected the below text and the extension showed me "Human Text" As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, there wasn't a foolproof or widely established tool specifically designed to definitively identify whether a given text was generated by AI (like GPT-3) or written by a human. However, I can provide you with some general strategies and considerations that might help you distinguish between AI-generated text and human-written text: