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Unlock Sustainable Savings with Faircado!

Enjoy second-hand treasures and eco-friendly alternatives while shopping online.
Join our community and save money and carbon footprint every year!

🚀 Quick and Effortless Setup
Add Faircado to your browser within seconds. Shop as you usually do and let us do the eco-saving magic.

🧳 Millions of Eco-Choices Across Categories
With a single click, Faircado scans your shopping choices and suggests cheaper, second-hand options. From books and fashion to electronics, get the best sustainable deals from trusted sites.

🌍 Proudly Serving Global and German Shoppers

Whether you’re into e-commerce, looking for German online shopping gems, or exploring electronic commerce (e-commerce) from anywhere in the world, Faircado has got you covered.

🌱 Why Choose Faircado?
Sustainability Meets Savings: Discover environmentally-friendly alternatives that are also gentle on your wallet.

Daily Updates: We’re tirelessly adding new products, categories, and partners. Every day brings more choices!

We Value Feedback: Got a suggestion, feedback, or just some love to share? Write to us at [email protected].


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Super easy to use - managed to get Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy for 90% off!!!!


The idea is great, but in the few month of having it turned on I have yet to get a useful recommendation. IF it shows up, it's mostly pretty far off (I want to buy a license for Microsoft 365 and it shows me a tutorial book for OneNote) or it doesn't pop up when I'm searching for something where it could/should work, like looking for a certain book or recently a basketball. Again, great idea to have people buy stuff thats already out there, but it's not working for me, so only two stars.


Love it! Finally great apps coming to the much needed market of second hand. Yeeey. Love the simplicity of the app.


Makes it super easy to find second-hand options for pretty much anything!


So good!


Faircado is an incredibly useful tool that streamlines processes and makes life easier! It's easy to use and has a great interface, so I highly recommend it.


I absolutely love faircado! As someone who is trying to be more environmentally conscious, this extension has been a game changer. It's so convenient to be able to search for products on my usual websites and have faircado pop up with second-hand alternatives - it saves me both time plus the fact that it helps reduce my carbon footprint is a huge bonus. Thank you, faircado, for making second-hand shopping easier and more accessible! Five stars without a doubt.


very useful!


Great Extension, All you need for shopping


This is an incredible extension that everyone should be using! When you search or come across a product anywhere online, faircado will find you a second hand deal (or deals!) related to that/similar products. Extremely handy to save money, time and the planet! Switch to second hand!


Extremely easy to use and very helpful!


IF you do not want to waste time on searching the cheapest website for your desired product then download Faircado extension, it will help you in finding the cheapest option within seconds and it's free ;)


Faircado is amazing! The browser extension works perfectly and permits the user to save money and perceive with the objective of saving the Planet! Shopping with Faircado is easy and fast, I strongly reccommend everyone to download it!


I was searching for a book the other day on Amazon, instantly got the alternative offer from Faircado widget, then bought at second-hand store Momox, book arrived in used but perfect condition. thx for the great experience!


I have installed Faircado with limited expectations, as I am already a strong believer in second-hand and refurbished shopping. Then suddenly as I was browsing to buy a new electric toothbrush, the faircado plugin suggested Ebay : I would have never thought about second-hand for an electric toothbrush but it totally makes sense ! Thanks Faircado for having my back, and make me a better eco-conscious shopper.


Amazing! Exactly what I needed for my second hand hunting!


Just used it today for finding a new phone. Super easy - super outcome. Love it :)


Even though I prefer safari, when I shop I switch to chrome just to be able to use this app.


Totaler Gamechanger, der jede Menge Zeit spart und die aufwendige Second Hand Recherche komplett abkürzt. Love it!


Perfect solution for my pocket and planet. Loving it.