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Addy AI is like a ChatGPT Email Writer. It uses artificial intelligence to help you optimize email management and communication. With the increasing volume of emails, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to keep up with it all. We want to help individuals and businesses save time and write emails 10x faster by providing them with powerful, intuitive tools and services that make their email management more efficient and effective. Whether you’re looking to organize, prioritize, or respond to your email more efficiently, Addy AI has the solutions you need to succeed.

Say goodbye to writer’s block with Addy AI – An A.I. Email Assistant that simply drafts email replies for you.

Addy AI is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to save time and write better emails. Our dream at Addy is to use AI to make you more productive, by taking care of the little things like email writing, summarizing long emails, and deducting action plans, while allowing you to focus on getting more work done.

Simply select the tone that best fits your message and let it do the rest. Choose from a variety of tones including friendly, formal, informal, interested, not interested, etc., and let Addy AI draft an email that perfectly and contextually conveys your message.

If you have a preferred tone that you use frequently, you can set it as your default for even faster email drafting.

Whether you’re a busy executive, a student, or anyone looking to write emails more efficiently, Addy AI is the perfect tool for you. Try it out today and see how it can revolutionize your email game!

** How it works
– When you click reply or compose on GMail and Outlook, Addy AI opens up a tooltip that allows you to select the tone in which you want to reply.
– When you click write, it reads the context of your email and drafts an appropriate response.
– Optionally, you can add more context or direction if you want your email written in a certain way
– You can experiment with more tones and suggestions.

** Features
– Compose (Gmail and Outlook)
– Choose between the different tones (Friendly, Respectful, Formal, Informal, Funny, Excited, Interested, Not interested, Thankful, Angry, and Surprised)
– Ability to set a default tone.
– Ability to give specific instructions when replying
– Use more than one Gmail account.

** Important Note
Your email address is used only for authentication and we do NOT store, collect or associate your email address with the conversation.

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IT is great and easy to use, i have recommended to many people to use, the problem is that there is only a fixed amount of word to use when writing an email.




Loved it. Five stars.


Makes writing emails that much easier.


Enjoying this app! . It has revolutionized the way I approach productivity, communication, and organization. It's a glimpse into the future of technology, and I can't wait to see how it continues to evolve and amaze us of where this tool takes us further.


I only chose this rating because I had to choose one to start. I couldn't figure out one single step in how to use this to compose email--a little bothersome since people are expecting me to explain it to them. Nor could I find any instructions. If there are any, I'd really like to see them, since the reviews suggest the secret's out there somewhere.


Best for email writing.


its fast and its effective though more customisation should be huge plus


Saves a lot of time from generic emails you need to wrte or reply to during the day. The ability to specify what you want the email to say, and the tone of the email is amazing. Now you can also edit parts of the email if you need to, great tool! Next I am waiting Michael's interview with Jason Calacanis in This Week In Startups - should be happening!


It works as intended with Gmail. I wanted to use this with my desktop outlook and nothing happens when I click on reply. I read that it would be fixed in 2 or 3 days and that was 3 days ago and there was an update yesterday. Are we still waiting on an update?


I mean, it still has room for improvement, but the fact I just wip off emails without watching my tone or what I'm trying to say, this made it really simplified, easy to understand and straight to the point which a lot of people like...they don't want a novel. Why I gave it 5 stars is because it met my expectations, I don't need the worlds smartest AI doing my work but having this do half the work for me, yeah I love it for it's use.


It works great, love it! Although, I can only use it after clicking on "try it Out" in AddyAI email.


It is working great on Gmail, thanks for this wonderful extension. But, as you mentioned it also works for outlook, it didn't when i tried. Please, let me know how to give access to it and how to make it work. Please reply soon, I'm really in need of it


This is the best Ai ever


I love how easy this extension is to use. Love the minimalistic interface.


Tried it, and it performed exactly as expected. No more spending excessive time sitting down to compose emails when you can just proof read and edit what addy drafts for you


Finally..... i dont have to sit and think and then compose an email.. Addy does it for me.


Wow! I am blown, It works exactly as it should. Well done Michael. 🙏🏿


Excellent AI technology! AMAZED