【图】MillionPugs: Shop & get in-game content(截图1)【图】MillionPugs: Shop & get in-game content(截图2)


Get exclusive content for your favorite games, for free, whenever you shop online.


We’ve partnered with the biggest game publishers like Riot Games, Ubisoft, Wargaming and more to hook you up with the best gaming rewards every time you shop online.

Brands are looking to build loyalty and reward gamers like you – and they know the best way is with a pile of free stuff. MillionPugs is your hookup.

Download and install MillionPugs, and every time you shop with one of our 20,000 partnered brands, you’ll earn pugs™ (loyalty points). Redeem pugs™ for RP, skins, premium tanks, gift cards, Robux, V-Bucks or even entire AAA games.


Earning is easy.

Start by installing our super-secure browser extension. We never collect or snoop, and your data is only used to verify a transaction or award you with pugs.

Each time you land on a pug™-awarding site or retailer, our extension will notify you. Simply Activate MillionPugs (with the push of a button), and watch the pugs™ fly in.

Flex and win: Swap those pugs™ to get the dopest drops from your favorite games.

Neat, right?


Your next purchase could earn you skins. Don’t miss out on a single drop.
Download the Million Pugs extension now and start grinding those gaming goodies for League of Legends, Roblox, VALORANT, Fortnite, and World of Tanks right away.


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Z początku jeszcze naliczali PUGSy teraz oszukują i nie naliczają za żaden sklep. NIE POLECAM


Great addon! Real helpful when you want pugs on stores you don't know is on pugs list.


I really like it! 5 stars cuz it works, just need to wait for the shop to confirm my transactions. Amazing idea. Keep going and big thx for ma freebies!


FREE STUFF! Seriously you literally just add this extension then do what you normally do. When you shop online million pugs will pop up and you activate rewards, once you complete the purchase you get pugs which you can trade for FREE STUFF in you favorite games. It's free on top of free, why wouldn't you do that??? So far I've claimed about $100 worth of stuff in just the first 6 months of having this extension. Love it.


I think that this extension is a great thing for gamers and only shoppers!!!!!


This is the best extension I have ever used. It allows you to shop while getting rewarded at the same time. 👍👍👍


it is a nice extension


Yerel fiyatlandırma olmadığı için işime yaramıyor.


Millionugs is the best extension, its easy and simple to use. If you love shopping, you can redeem alot of thiings.


as soon as i saw randy in the add i pressed on it.. giggles


Groupon worked without issue, however Home Depot, Zenni Optical, Aliexpress.....either denied or pending (and it has been weeks). Close to $1000 in purchases have not been awarded. I have supplied screen shots, receipts etc and customer service has done nothing. Customer service has a great cheat sheet of excuses, but no results. Avoid Million Pugs and stick with Rakuten.


So far it is impossible for me to give a good review. It has been 2 months since I made a purchase somewhere, 1 month since the refund period has passed, and still nothing happened at all. If you are aiming at any bonus that is remotely time related (limited edition or something) you will likely spend your money, wait too long, lose the bonus and you might as well have had no extension installed at all.


I've been using MillionPugs for a few months now, and I've been really happy with it. It's a great way to earn free in-game content by shopping at participating retailers. The extension is easy to use, and I've been able to earn a fair amount of pugs™. I would definitely recommend giving it a try if you're a gamer. Here are some of the pros of MillionPugs: Easy to use Earn pugs™ by shopping at participating retailers Redeem pugs™ for in-game content Free to use


Best extension ever!!!!!


very cool service, not a lot of payback services cater to us gamers speficially (tbh to date I havent seen any besides this one :D) I am just a bit sad there still isnt offers for WoWs which is a game I signed up with in mind, or that there arent new games be it in-game stuff or new full games... other than that, its 4 stars for me, If they add the stuff I want its 5 stars easily :D


Really cool, its like a glorified vers. of Fetch but much faster with less steps. It like passive income!


This extension is one of its kind, as it is very amazing for me to buy something but staying calm knowing I am getting more than just my item, and getting a good amount of points to put towards any choice of item I want in any game I play. Setup is easy really straightforward concept and would definitely recommend to any gamers who love free rewards from purchasing various items off the web.


I really love this! It has a ton of stores I already shop at on a regular basis, so it is just free rewards. It also has a bunch of games on there that I love. I really love that they added a feature to redeem points for riot points(in valorant and league of legends). I highly recommend if you do your shopping online. It's super easy to use.


Great replace for moneyback programs. Unfortunately no mobile version yet


marche pas, trop intrusif à mon gout .....