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Want to travel better? You know the hack to getting the best deal on your accommodations is booking directly ▶️ through the company’s website.

With this Extension, you get direct access to the best deals, all while browsing your go-to sites (airbnb, booking, vrbo – more to come soon!).

No extra effort, no extensive googling to find what you are looking for. It automatically matches the properties on your favorite travel site to their own website.

Whether you’re looking for a cozy cottage, fancy hotel or a luxurious beachfront villa, downloading this Extension ensures that you’ll be able to book directly with the property owner, securing the most competitive rates and cutting out any middlemen fees.

With easy access to the direct website, you can make informed decisions and book your dream vacation rental with confidence.

:::::: Benefits of using the extension ::::::
🔅 Get a better deal
🔅 No extra effort
🔅 Save on booking fees

:::::: How does it work? ::::::
1️⃣ Install the chrome extension
2️⃣ Shop for accommodation on your go-to sites
3️⃣ While browsing, you will see the Directo logo on the listings > Click to get the direct link

This Extension is designed to save you time and money when booking your next vacation, by streamlining the process of finding the best direct deals and eliminating the need for extensive research.
🧭 Download it today.

Works on chromium-based browsers such as: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave, etc


🚨 Attention 🚨
* We just re-launched this Beta Version
We know we have a lot to learn, and your feedback can help us do that. Please share your thoughts by emailing us at yourfriends@getdirecto.com

We are a small team just looking to improve and provide you with the best service 🙂


User data:
By using this add-on, you agree to the Directo Terms & Conditions available at https://www.getdirecto.com/directo-privacy-statement

This extension uses Google Analytics to collect extension usage statistics to help improve user experience. If you want to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking, please visit http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout or you can set up a filter in Adblock Plus or similar ad blocker tools like AdBlock, uBlock or Adblock Pro.

Our chrome extension gives you the direct link to book with the host or with the hotel. Save money, get better deals.


🏨 Are you a hotel or property manager and want to know how Directo can work for you? Visit us at https://bit.ly/3r6DPyo


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So far it seems like just another scam to screw stupid ordinary consumers out of their money. The webpage cautioned against dealing with the AirbNb sites and ordinary booking sites like Booking.com and yet the app just tried to jam more cookies down my computer and then went to a page with some usual booking agents. If I wanted to get screwed by some online crooks why would I bother to download an app to do so?


For Booking.com, all I could reach via this app was the Spanish version!


I am so happy with Directo. You do save some money.


muy buena


Mucho futuro, sin embargo aún no funciona en todos los alojamientos. He encontrado varios en lo que no sale el logo, y sin embargo el precio directo en sus webs en muy inferior.




While the idea has a lot of potential, the data driving this extension is sketchy. Usually, it links to the home page of the accommodation operator and you then have to do further searching on their site to find the exact accommodation that you were looking at. Having done that (on the one example where I could actually find the same accommodation) it turned out to be more expensive on the hotel company's site than on booking.com. For Airbnb listings, the Directo links were very sparse (only 2 links in 6 pages of listings for Scotland). In its current form, it's very unlikely to be useful. However, the idea is great.


This service is awesome! This is the service I was looking for!!!!


super appli, facile a utiliser


This is an amazing app, that's exactly what I was looking for due to my often apartment searches. really useful!


¡Muy práctica!


Muy buena Good tool!!


Muy bien


Me gusta esta extensión ya que puedo comparar opciones de lugares para alojarme, inclusive me puedo encontrar promociones de paquetes que ofrecen otras páginas. Se podría mejorar por paquetes turísticos que ofrezcan distintas agencias y así ahorrar costos.


Me encanta. Sirve para saber donde buscar tus sitios de alojamiento, y a la larga, ahorrate unos pesos. Recomendadísimo.


Bastante práctico, antes tenía que ir a cada sitio para encontrar la mejor opción, pero ahora todo cambió, con esta extensión es mucho más fácil.


Los mejores precios siempre los consigo por acá. Excelente herramienta.


Excited about the idea behind this app. It helps to save money when planning my trips!


A very useful extension to use when planning your travel budget! I was able to book for a lower price


Love it!