BlockSec Metadock


【图】MetaDock – Builders’ Swiss Army Knife(截图1)【图】MetaDock – Builders’ Swiss Army Knife(截图2)


What’s new:
● Support 20 more networks, including Base, Linea, Polygon zkEVM and various testnets!
● Integrated Dedaub’s storage tool shortcuts and transaction parsing tools.
● Variable Logs allows you to query the history of any variable.
● Support transaction simulation power by Phalcon team.
● “Transaction Explanation”(powered by GPT) allows you to understand exactly what happened within a blockchain transaction. You don’t need to have a highly specialized background to effortlessly analyze specific activities on the chain. It’s especially useful for verifying whether the transactions occurring in your wallet align with your expectations.


● Fund flow chart that gives you a visual presentation of the fund movement between addresses.
● Additional address labels for millions of addresses, including those belonging to exchanges, scammers, and hackers, to help you stay informed and safe.
● Display NFT comprehensive risk radar chart quantifying on-chain risk, off-chain risk, and market risk.
● Address risk scores that are automatically displayed to help you make informed decisions about interacting with certain addresses.
● Powerful search engine that allows you to easily find addresses, Txn hashes, NFTs, and ENS names all in one place.
● Support approval diagnosis that marks suspicious or risky approvals for you.
● Customizable time zones to match your location.
● Show nft marketplaces and the floor price of NFTs on Etherscan.
● Seamless integration with other great tools such as DeBank, Dedaub, Phalcon, MetaSleuth, Forta and Tenderly.
● Etherscan data download, Export data from etherscan transaction lists in CSV or JSON format.
● Show private variables on the read contract tab, and Quick format parameters on the write contract tab.
● Source code and ABI download, you can easily download the source code or ABI of verified contracts.
● Access alternative block explorers the Eden Network and Flashbots Explorer with one click.
● Show contract funding source on *scans.
● Show proxy upgrade log.

How it works

MetaDock provides enhanced features when users visit Etherscan, Basescan, Bscscan, and *scans of many other EVM-compatible blockchains. These features are transparently integrated into the blockchain explorers, improving the user experience in a natural and non-intrusive way.

Privacy Policy

We take user privacy very seriously.
● Users can opt out MetaDock’s every feature at any time
● MetaDock neither collects nor uploads user information
● MetaDock functions seamlessly on all major blockchain browsers and offers the capability to be conveniently disabled on any website.


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very useful tools!


It helps a lot!!!


Good news for crypto users!


good job 👍👍👍👍👍👍


It helps a lot ~


Powerful tool for crypto users👏👏👏Make it easier to identify risky addr and trace fund flows.


Very powerful security self-check tool, it is recommended that everyone try it, and often use this tool to check wallet security.


So many exceting features (OOTB)! It is a wonderful extension no matter for security reseachers or normal users. Risk label address and fund flow are absolutely useful features. I love them so much! So many risks blockchain has, take care of your money. This extension will help you much. Trust me!


aha! easier to track flows, also phalcon makes txn soooo clear


The feature of fund flow is awesome !!!


This is the most user-friendly extension I ever used for crypto trading. I really enjoy the functionality of address label, which prevent me from potential asset loss. Great MetaDock!


Downloading etherscan source code is now on-click thing yeah!


useful feature for me


That was impressive.