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Indie Wiki Buddy插件简介

On an internet dominated by ads and corporate-run websites, Indie Wiki Buddy is a browser extension that helps you easily find and support independent wikis.

When you visit a wiki on Fandom or Fextralife, this extension will notify or automatically redirect you to quality independent wikis when they’re available. Indie Wiki Buddy will also filter results across seven search engines (including Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo), to help guide you to click on results from independent wikis.

Indie Wiki Buddy supports over 140 independent wikis across 10 languages. And you’re in full control — you can choose your experience wiki-by-wiki!

Indie Wiki Buddy also supports BreezeWiki, an affiliated service that renders Fandom wikis without ads or bloat. This helps give you a more enjoyable reading experience when an independent wiki isn’t available.

Please visit the Indie Wiki Buddy website (https://getindie.wiki) for full details, guidance, FAQ, contact info, and how to submit wikis to be included in the extension.

Fandom is a trademark of Fandom, Inc. Fextralife is a trademark of Kinbundo Limited. Indie Wiki Buddy is not affiliated with either site.

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Indie Wiki Buddy插件下载




Fandom/Wikia is a scourge upon the internet


Fandom Bad Indie Good Pog


Help out the cause!


Bye bye fandom! Thank you for making this extension, no more visiting fandom ever again, other than for syncing if people added info to that ad-infested platform.


Does what it is advertised to do, and that for a huge range of games. Simply awesome!


Great application. Thank you.


Could we see more redirects please? Including many of the Wikis from wiki.gg. For example: Terraria


cant wait for fandom to die


Does everything it's supposed to and serves the people in the struggle against our capitalist oppressors.


Obviously good thing but please whoever the developer is, can you add a notice somewhere to Opera GX users on how to get it to work from search results? Would never have figured it out had I not thought to check for people complaining about it in reviews.


Help keep wikis independent


Excellent extension, though I do have a complaint, but one which should be easily addressed. I like that there is an option to include a banner with links to independent alternative wikis, since I prefer that over being redirected automatically. This banner does not contain breezewiki links however, and the only option for breezewiki compatibility is to be automatically redirected, even if you attempted to visit the original fandom wiki through breezewiki's own links. I'd like to suggest that breezewiki links be added to the banner, and then that the banner be made visible on all fandom wikis rather than just those which have an independent alternative.


This extension is so important and so useful, I love it. One suggestion: when redirecting to Breezewiki, if it doesn't work on one mirror it should automatically try all the other mirrors and redirect to one that works.


Perfect! I keep forgetting to avoid the minecraft fandom site and accidentally giving it clicks; this is a huge convenience!


Great way to find actually well functioning wikis


this actually makes my life so much easier


works great! it makes for a much better browsing experience, thank you :)


Wouldnt Work. I Use Opera GX and everytime i try to use it it just doesnt work




this extension works really well with removing fandom! ...suddenly after i posted this review it decides to not redirect me from fandom links to independent wiki links, even though i had set it to automatically redirect me