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Are you collecting reward points that rarely turn into real money or take forever to redeem into gift cards? How many times were you promised cash, gift cards, Bitcoin, or other crypto rewards that never materialized into cash? It’s time to try something that works.

❓ What is Attention Cash Back?
A cash back is a payment you get back after you make a purchase. Attention cash back is a payment you get back after you pay attention to something. You pay with your attention; you get back real money. Hence the saying, “pay attention.”

✅ Meet Comrade
With Comrade, you earn real money when shopping online. It’s the only browser extension that puts a price tag on your attention as an instant cash back payment. Earn USD, not points, Bitcoin, or fictitious crypto rewards, because cash is king.

🤓 How it works
It’s simple. Comrade is a set-and-forget extension. Sign up, complete your profile, log in from the extension, and forget about it. Comrade will occasionally display neat and timely product recommendations that may show alternative products, better deals, or lower prices when you’re shopping online. When you visit the recommendation, you are rewarded with an instant attention cash back payment.

💰 How much can I earn?
Comrade can generate a small and consistent passive income that may cover some of your expenses from time to time. If you use an automatic coupon finder to save money when shopping online, why not take it a step further by earning extra money that occasionally buys you groceries or to have that extra something to spend on your loved ones?

🐞 Will it conflict with other extensions?
Savvy consumers using shopping extensions such as automatic coupons at checkout and coupon finders can keep enjoying these extensions to save on shopping and use Comrade to earn real money at the same time. Can it get better than that?

🔒 What about my privacy?
Privacy is Comrade’s core value. Unlike other extensions, Comrade does not need to share or sell your data. Comrade uses a data in/data out technology that matches relevant recommendations with your browsing activity in real-time and deletes everything else immediately and permanently. We only store minimal data when we actually do deliver a recommendation. This is necessary to credit payments to your account while providing anonymized statistics to brands. With Comrade, you don’t have to give up your data to earn rewards. Or, in this case, real money!

😎 Any fun facts?
95% of Comrade users don’t find a reason to uninstall it. Why? Because with Comrade, you only gain. There is nothing to lose or give up. Not even your data.

⬇ Any limitations?
As much as we would love to offer Comrade to everyone, it is currently only available to users from the US and India.

⚠️ I’m not convinced!
Ok, think about this. You “pay attention” to annoying online ads that follow you everywhere you go, thrive on your private data, and never give you a dime. With Comrade, you earn real money directly from brands that are more than happy to pay you in cash for a little bit of your attention by showing you neat, timely, non-intrusive, privacy-friendly recommendations. See the difference?

🌰 So, in a nutshell, Comrade…
Only displays relevant product recommendations.
Delivers them at the right time when you shop online.
Pays you in cash when you visit them.

Ready to try it? Scroll up and add Comrade to your browser today.


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great extencen


It was a great extension that delivers.


Great extension. relevant ads. paid me as promised. I recommend 👍


Great extension that works and pays as promised.


it is amazing. earned $22.24 by doing just about what I normally do. THX COMRADE!!


I’ve been using Comrade for a while now and I must say, it’s a great way to earn some extra cash. Every now and then, when I visit certain websites or type something that meets the requirements to trigger an ad, I get a pop-up. All I have to do is click on it and I earn 30 cents right there and then. The process of verifying my identity with an ID card for the first payment was simple and after that, it’s been very laid back. All you need is a PayPal account to receive your payments. Overall, I highly recommend Comrade to anyone looking for an easy way to earn some extra money.


Great browser extension! The ads don't feel invasive at all. Just a simple small pop up that doesn't interfere with my browsing at all. I'd recommend for anyone looking for passive income that doesn't require much effort.


Decent way to make a little pocket change if you're not in a hurry.


Got paid out earlier than expected due to a new update from cashing at $25 instead of $50. Highly recommended.


It's legit, you get pop-up ads from time to time, depending on which website you visit and as long as you click on the popup, you get 20-30 cents per visit. Popups can actually be useful from time to time!


This is like Brave - but better! Not only does it work great, but the payout are decent. You essentially are cutting out the middleman, like Google and earn ad revenue when you visit advertisers. I really like this model of advertising on a few different levels. It's not frequent that advertisers pop up, but they usually are highly related which can give you some good alternatives to what you are looking for. Download it here: https://hoply.io/cmrd


So far, so good! I'm still working my way up to $50 in order to try the cash-out part, but in only a few weeks, I've already earned myself over $14, by simply clicking a link. Easy and convenient.


This has become one of my must-have extensions! Who doesn't like to earn extra money while shopping? But the key here is that your data is being used responsibly and since it is your data YOU are the one being paid not those big tech companies! Highly recommended


Good news - Free money, and super duper easy! Bad news - will take me forever to get to the payout minimum. But hey, free money!


will update to 5 when i get paid


Comrade is super easy to use and non-intrusive during my browsing. The founder reached out to ask for feedback, which says volumes in the team. Highly recommend.


Comrade is a great concept. I think I learned about it from Product Hunt, but I forget now. It was pretty easy to sign up. I know they are working on bringing this to mobile, and eventually allowing a smaller minimum withdrawal amount once they get more advertisers and customers using it. It's very passive, doesn't seem to interfere with anything on my computer, and I don't see any reason not to leave it active, patiently waiting for the dollars to increase. I don't always partake of whatever the advertisers are offering, but I actually did buy something from at least one of them. I was searching for printers and an ad for printer ink showed up, and they had really good deals, so I bought some ink from them. I'll probably use their site again once I run out. I think collecting data about people so you can advertise based on their behavior patterns is less effective than simply presenting the advertisement at the moment the behavior occurs, and this latter method doesn't require as much tracking or data storage about the person, so it's kind of a win-win. More effective and more ethical.


Great extension knowing I'k earning money just by surfing the web.


It's about time consumers get paid to see ads. Well done, Comrade!


Great browser extension