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Tero – Save trees by browsing online插件简介

➤ Key features

✓ Save trees when you open a tab, browse, or shop online
✓ Reduce your carbon footprint by blocking unwanted ads
✓ Private and secure
✓ Customizations and beautiful background photos on your new-tab page
✓ Shortcuts to your favourite websites and apps
✓ News, updates, and notifications
✓ Custom search engines
✓ Manage your extensions from a simple and intuitive popup
✓ Keep track of your impact with our tree counters

➤ Your privacy and trust matters

We’re interested in making an impact, not in your data. We are committed to protecting your privacy and using your data responsibly. The ads on our extension are delivered by our advertising partners, who may collect anonymized data in order to show you ads you’ll be interested in.

We don’t track the websites you visit or the content you view online. What you do online is you business and yours alone. Our extension’s permissions allow us to replace ads online and detect if the website you are on is one of our partners.

➤ We don’t plant trees

☆ “Planting trees is good. Saving existing forests is better.” – Rainforest Trust ☆

We made an active decision to save existing trees rather than plant new ones because compelling studies show that planting trees won’t be enough to tackle climate change and that efforts on rainforest conservation lead to a more sustainable and lasting change.

Here are three facts you might not know:

✓ Forest conservation needs 30x less land to have the same climate mitigation outcome as planting trees.
✓ Forest protection efforts help protect the natural habitat of thousands of species and local communities that depend on natural resources.
✓ Forest conservation typically costs half as much as forest restoration efforts.

➤ Tero vs. alternatives

☆ Ecosia ☆
We love Ecosia! Although many people think we are competitors, we are actually not. We recommend you use Ecosia’s search engine with the Tero extension to maximise your impact.

☆ OceanHero ☆
Like Ecosia, OceanHero is a search engine that can also be used in Tero. It’s a great combo to save both rainforests and oceans!

☆ Tab for a Cause ☆
They are a great option if you want to support numerous charities, but they’re only a new-tab page with limited functionalities.

➤ Learn more

About: https://www.jointero.org
Blog: https://blog.jointero.org
FAQs: https://blog.jointero.org/faq
Contact: https://tero.taplink.ws
Privacy: https://blog.jointero.org/privacy

Join us in Building a Greener Internet!

Note: After installing, click the ‘Keep it’ button on the ‘Change back to Google’ notification. This will show Tero on each new tab as intended, and ensure the extension isn’t disabled.

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Tero – Save trees by browsing online插件下载




on my old laptop i had 483 trees saved, and when i switched to a new laptop under the same email and account, i had to restart my count. I then de-installed and re-installed it, and now my number has been reset on both accounts. please reinstate my tree count to 483 and give me my badges back.


loving it


i love planting trees


Easy to use.


Recently been struggling to use Google Docs or Google Sheets, as whenever I went to their site, it would say "Unable to load". Went through my extensions and disabled them one-by-one to find out what was causing it. Turns out it was this application. I will be disabling it until this is corrected.


I just reinstalled this extension after getting a new laptop. I used it last year when it was called OpenTabs. This sudden change in name and extension is quite concerning, escpecially since I can't seem to find a reason or even a reference to it on their site. The old site (opentabs.org) would be open about transparency, they even had up to date financial reports. The new "tero" doesn't have any financial report or references to the old organisation. If i remember correctly they had some financial issues last year forcing them to reduce the number of trees they plant per advertisement impression. Was it poor management? They were spending almost €1500 on an office in Madrid, €1600 on employees, €600 on server/software, €1600 on banking/accounting/fees. All while having insufficient growth in their user-base. Based on their social media posts they appear to be doing their best (probably had to cut back expenses). I would appreciate a post explaining the changes that have taken place (It doesn't take much time, effort or money to do this), and maybe at least a simple report of last years financials, since this is a purported non-profit with a ".org" domain. Until then, I shall keep this app disabled and not recommend this to friends/family. I have seen apps/extensions like this sell out their user-base to a larger for profit organization when they feel they have had enough or want to cash out. Hopefully they won't do that.


I've used OpenTabs for a long time now, and when it came time to migrate Tero was just a better version of that. It achieves the goal of tackling climate change in a modern and sustainable way without getting in the way of day to day life. You guys do amazing work, and I appreciate everything that you've done so far. Sticking with this for as long as it's around.


I started with OpenTabs a while ago when I was trying to help the climate. Tero is just a better version of OpenTabs. I shared it with my family and together we have saved more than 50K trees. It's always nice to have the bragging rights that I've saved 50K trees, and this extension makes it so easy that I don't even think about saving trees yet I still am saving trees. This is the best extension I have downloaded, and I love all the customizable features, they really make my new page my own while still allowing me to save trees! For anyone who doesn't have this extension, you're missing out on a lot.


Perfect. The ad override feature breaks some payment portals though.


I love this and OceanHero or Ecosia. It doesn't get in the way of anything. I liked that OpenTabs let us choose a selection of backgrounds from a gallery (especially the daily change up) Tero occasionally brings me back to that Introduction tutorial page where it just shows me around and resets the rate that you can plant trees, (10 tabs=1 tree) but it keeps my tree count! Definitely recommend, I'm sure the devs will patch the bugs.


honestly great, ive used it for probably 6 months now, it doesnt interfere or get in the way of anything and it makes me happy to see all the trees ive saved in the corner, i just hit 66 this morning.


I have it for 6 months now and it is great! Only would like to bring back planting buddies like in OpenTabs :)


Have had this extension for more than a year, best decision ever ! I can't imagine not having it, cute backgrounds and knowing I'm helping the environment. 10/10 :D


I just love this extension. It's such an easy way to drive change and be involved without really having to do anything. Been using since last year, I highly recommend!


I really liked it and used it very often but since yesterday this extension doesn't let me play videos on a lot of websites like Crunchyroll, when I deactivate the extension it works again.


Great mission and message, nice on the eyes and I have found that like it more than the normal google browser since it's customizable and it allows you to use tons of shortcuts.


مساعدة البيئة بدون تحميل تطبيقات صعبة الاستخدام أو تغيير المتصفح تمامًا، ويمكن أيضًا تغيير واجهة العرض باختيار الصورة والألوان المفضلة، أحب استخدام هذا البرنامج 👍🏻


Loved it! Really happy I can make a positive impact in the world by browsing.


Update 2: Decided to update my rating after reading the response from the developer. I don't like how I was forced to migrate to this extension from the old extension [Overlay on old extension saying that old extension will cease and stop working and to install this extension]. My understanding is previous one only used your tab. This new one collects data or alters things on all your webpages. I'm especially worried about it after I realized it broke the website for my bank website. I was so confused why my bank website wasn't working. At first I tried a different browser it worked. So I thought it was cookies. I deleted all that. Still didn't work. I manually switched off all my extensions until I narrowed it down to Tero. I never expected Tero to be the culprit. When I turn it on my bank website stops working and I'm getting errors, when I turn it off it the website works again. Due to this I have lost all faith in this extension, and it makes me worried about what it might be tracking. Update 1: Upon reflection, I decided to revise my rating from 1 star to 2 stars. While I believe that the creators of this extension likely have good intentions. I believe that it was unwise to force users to migrate to a new version that had fully been rewritten that still had unresolved bugs and, as other users have pointed out, lacked some of the features of the previous extension. Maybe a beta where users could opt in to try the new extension would've been better. [On the other hand, it's possible that the development team is small, and managing two extensions simultaneously may have been too much]


So inspiring! I've been waiting for something like Tero to come along for a long time: a straightforward way to help the planet without doing much. I really feel like if i am making a difference.Because I am.I LOVE IT SOO MUCHH!!!