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GPT Macros插件简介

GPT Macros allows you to easily create custom macros from your frequently used prompts and rearrange them in any order you like. Use variables inside the prompts to supercharge your productivity.


🛠️ Create custom macros from your frequently used prompts
🔁 Rearrange macros in any order you like
🔢 Use variables inside the prompts
🌐 Use web parameters (scrape data from websites)
🤖 Use system prompts
🔍 Easily search for macros and prompts
📁 Access predefined prompts and macros

Variables usage example:

Use case: Create a prompt that asks for the macronutrients in different burgers, like the McChicken, Cheeseburger, or BigTasty.

Prompt: Write me macronutrients for ${burger}

Variables: [{“burger”:”McChicken”},{“burger”:”Cheeseburger”},{“burger”:”BigTasty”}]

Try GPT Macros today and supercharge your ChatGPT workflow!

🚀 Update Alert! Version 1.2.2 🚀

🔄 Old Variables UI: Responding to your valuable feedback, we have reintroduced the old variables UI based on JSON object. Your user experience is our top priority.

🔄 Batched Runs: A major update for heavy users! You can now run a specified number of prompts in batches without hitting the GPT-4 model restrictions. Enjoy more flexibility and efficiency with this new feature.

📚 Instructions Page: Check out our new Instructions page, your go-to FAQ for all things related to the GPT Macros extension.

🔧 UI Builder Page: Editing big variable configurations can be challenging, so we’ve launched a new UI Builder page to make the process simpler and more efficient.

🌐 Improved Web Variables: We’ve enhanced our web variables, making them more robust and providing a smoother experience.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback. We’re committed to enhancing the GPT Macros extension to make it your favorite browser tool. Stay tuned for more improvements in the future!

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Is it possible to prompt the user for variables?


Ready to paying for your tool/extra feature - if one error corrected It is a useful tool and I am even ready to pay for the extra feature (I am already a Plus user for gpt-4 too). However, I use gpt-4, so the "skip of some variables" problem under gpt-4 is a great obstacle. Using gpt-3.5 is not a solution, because I am also using gpt-4 plugins, not available on gpt-3.5. I am sure that many other gpt-4 Plus users (already paying for GPT-4) would order the extra features as well - if this problem is solved. They are the best target market for this macro tool: they are ready to pay for extra and they are technically advanced users. Please solve the gpt-4 skip-variable problem! Best regards, Laszlo


Era buenisimo pero ahora pide cuenta de google. Quitaré mi calificación si vuelve a ser como antes


It would be amazing if you can start new conversation with this extension


Thank you for making a great extension. However, I have encountered a critical problem. Yesterday, all of my previously saved prompt templates disappeared. Of course, I did not delete the extension. I was already logged in. If the templates associated with the account are still on the server, it may be possible to restore them, but there is nothing we can do about it. I hope this can be resolved. ( 以下は日本語訳 ) 素晴らしい拡張機能を作っていただきありがとうございます。しかし、致命的な問題が発生しました。 昨日、今まで保存してあったプロンプトテンプレートが全て消えていました。もちろん、拡張機能は削除していません。ログインも既にしてある状態でした。サーバーにアカウントに紐図けられたテンプレートが残っているのであれば、復元も可能かとは思いますが、こちら側ではどうしようもできません。 解決することを願っています。


The author of this extension should make the ability to sign in as an option to use the extension. I get it that you want to monetize it however you should take account that most of the userbase of this extension are more or less power users so they are way more vigilant than the norm and don't take updates like this kindly... Never has it been pleasant for users having what they enjoy getting taken away and forced to give away their emails. Not everyone needs to use the web search so forcing it on every one feels inappropriate and unfun. You should try to grow the app more organically, then look for some sponsors \(^o^)/Then again, it's not really in my place to give advice, you should ask ChatGPT how to deal with the influx of negative reviews. You got an unique idea here, don't kill your own momentum. Good luck.


Unfortunately, when I define multiple contents for a variable, the program tries to execute all of them at once, without waiting until the first one is finished.


It was a 5 for me initially but now it is behind a paywall.


This is the best extention ever!!!


change all the ui without warning us, force us to create an acount to get our prompts


I recently came across GPT MAcros it completely changed the way I work with ChatGPT. I'm absolutely love the variables idea it has saved me a lot of time. Love it!


After the update it is just garbage.


Last update killed the idea. It was a good thing.




This Extension is no longer running prompts after paywall was introduced.


Amazing! It's straightforward. So this thing is waiting for GPT to output the result to submit the next prompt which totally automates cumbersome process of generating variable content with the same prompt. Thank you so much for coding this.


I absolutely love this Chrome plugin! It has completely transformed my ChatGPT experience. Not only is it incredibly easy to install and use, but it also provides amazing functionality that I never knew I needed.


Thanks so much!


Nice and clean


Add ability to move the window, it blocked others useful extensions like talk-to-chatgpt !