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Zen Space Tab插件简介

Restore concentration and relax with every new tab opened.

By clicking “add to Chrome”, I accept and agree to installing Zen Space Tab extension and setting Chrome New Tab search provider to Microsoft Bing as described by the services in Terms of Use https://zenspacetab.com/terms.html and Privacy Policy https://zenspacetab.com/privacy-policy.html

Zen Space Tab was established for everyone who needs a gateway to regain focus and calmness. When you’re feeling stressed and unprepared to work, simply open a new tab to enjoy soothing surroundings and amazing features. 🧘

This new tab extension will provide nothing less than good feeling while watching amazing backdrops we implemented. To take maximum from these photos, use full-screen option which allows you to hide all other features so you can see your favourite wallpaper clearly. If you can not choose your favourite one, do not worry, we got you covered. Just find the logo in the top right corner which allows you to change images constantly.

Wisdom feature is the one that every living man needs. To activate, you have to click on the small Zen logo and turn on the notifications. You may also specify how frequently you wish to get those. Now you are all set! Once the countdown is over, you will receive enlightening messages that will help you with regaining your focus. These notifications will teach you to stay in the moment while making you more inspired than ever before.

To be always on time, just check the clock in the middle of the screen. There, you can also find the Search Bar which will help you surf the internet quickly. With this one, you will get the most accurate results in the shortest amount of time. ⌛

Do not get surprised by the weather! Very important! You can find weather forecast for your exact location in the top-right corner. Stay updated.

The removal of the add-on is very simple, we will explain in couple steps:
1. Enter the extensions menu and find desired extension
2. Click on the three dots on the right
3. Select “Remove from Chrome”

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Love it and it's in my wheel house as well.


Great one! This extension greatly assists me in regaining my calm and attention during the day.