Wisdolia generates smart flashcards from any PDF, webpage, or YouTube video to help you learn faster and understand deeper. Get personalized feedback for every question you answer to create a feedback cycle that leads to stickier learnings.

What if flashcards and a personal tutor had a baby? That’s Wisdolia! 👶

Make your studying way more efficient by instantly turning your textbook, notes, study guides, research papers, slides, and more into questions to quiz yourself with and get personalized feedback on your answers.


❓How does it work?
1. Open any article, PDF, or YouTube video
2. Open the Wisdolia extension and click ‘Generate Questions’ to receive questions to quiz yourself with based on the document. We use AI to generate these flashcards.
3. Answer the questions and test your knowledge
4. Get feedback on what you got right, what you got wrong, and additional info
5. Save the cards you find most valuable

Become a super learner with Wisdolia 🦹♀️

▶️ 📄 Wisdolia works for any article, PDF, or YouTube video!

🌎 Wisdolia works for all languages!

🗂 Ability to export to Anki

🌳 Wisdolia is a kingdom of wisdom where the wise become infinitely wise 🤯


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Genius app. Thank you for creating this!


Brilliant app from a brilliant team! I wish I had this back in school. This is super helpful with anything I am learning on my laptop currently from youtube videos to certifications. So far I haven't had any issues or lags I've read in another reviews. I can see the next features taking it to new heights with a shared marketplace for flashcards searchable by topics where you can view or even purchase flashcards from other users - similar to Coursera. or students entering goals such as "Exam topic and dates" and the AI model creating quizzes based on the material uploaded and sending reminders to go over material studied, etc.


Brilliant Idea! works smooth too


an extension that comes from the stone age but costs 40euros. fix it


It seems to work just fine even in a different browser (i'm using it on OperaGX).


Does not work for me (Mac OS 12.6.3, latest version of Chrome). It just hangs after pressing generate flashcards button. Option to upload pdf appears but same thing for this (hangs). No other settings options appear (unlike vids I checked on YouTube).


I recently discovered Wisdolia and in a span of less than a month it literally has boosted my learning process so much. My final exams are coming soon, and with the help of Wisdolia I was able to make entire flashcard sets in minutes on topics from my Physics textbook. While I hope Wisdolia comes to Mac (Safari) soon, it's still quite a wizard on Chrome and I haven't experienced any issues yet. To the students who have a few productive minutes here and there I would definitely recommend Wisdolia as an active user of it! It has really helped in getting me to achieve more amounts of study and dedication in less periods of time. Hoping that Wisdolia becomes better in the future :D Go Wisdolia go! PS: I would like to point out that Wisdolia does have some drawbacks. I would love to see flashcards not getting duplicated, a better way to save them than Wisdolia collection, Anki and Email but something like a .txt file maybe. Wisdolia should also have an account page on their website where users using the free plan can check how many sets they are allowed to make that month, and also an option to save entire flashcard sets to a possible My Flashcards page under My Account/Profile. I can keep on writing, but I hope the Wisdolia team gets the idea! Thanks


I have never in my life written a review for a Chrome extension, but feel compelled to because I would REALLY find this useful - if it worked. Forget that I had to open up CORS (as a web developer, this makes me cringe) - nothing about this extension worked for me. Saving cards is super buggy - half the time they don't get saved, and when they do, I get duplicated decks with a single card in them, rather than grouping cards by deck. WHAT? But worst of all - the integration with ANKI NEVER. WORKED. No card was ever sent over to Anki. Just very disappointed and removed immediately.


Unfortunately I could not make it work for pdf files. I was asked to upload the pdf file several times, but I could not cards get cards generated.


I paid for the premium access and i'm still in free version. More I can't save my card


I just discovered this extension and I tried it... Is incredible, I´m going to save so much time studying. I recommend it to everyone who needs flashcards.




I have a question. Does this extension also has access to personal pages? Say Gmail? Is there any way to limit which pages can the extension see and which ones it can not?


Sweet! I'm using this to study up on my machine learning.


No puedo disociar mi correo de la extensión. Una vez que se instala, ya no puedas hacer log out. He escrito a los desarrolladores, pero no contestan.


I teach anatomy and physiology for undergraduates. I tested Wisdolia on both videos and the OpenStax Anatomy and Physiology textbook and was quite pleased with the results! I plan on recommending it to students, and I also plan to use it as a basis of making quiz questions. The advantage it gives me is that I know the questions definitely relate to the assigned material. I liked the function to email me a copy so that I can then make my own modifications and new adaptations.


is there a way to autosave all cards into anki without doing it one by one by hand?




Really well-made app! Kudos to the dev (:


Game changing extension to have!