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Tired of having to log in to AI tools, engineer a perfect prompt, then copy & paste your answers into FB, Twitter, Webflow, etc?

Jasper Everywhere is a new extension experience that brings AI to anywhere you work in a simple cursor — whether you’re creating social content or responding to emails.

No more copying and pasting.

Our 60+ templates are now at your fingertips on the platforms you need the most:
– Gmail
– Google Docs
– WordPress
– Webflow
– Canva
– And so many more.

What is Jasper?

Jasper is an AI content platform that helps your team create high-quality content 10x faster.

📝 Scale up your content marketing fast

Repurpose existing content and generate new content at scale without the need to hire more writers.

🔍 Create original content optimized for search

Generate educational blog articles that are keyword-rich and plagiarism-free.

📈 Boost ad conversions with better copy

Easily write and test more copy variations to increase sales and improve ROAS.

✍️ Finish your first draft 10x faster

Tell Jasper about what you want and then watch the AI write paragraphs in seconds.

🧠 Ditch writer’s block

Stuck staring at a blank page? Relax and let Jasper write creative copy for you.

📧Responding to emails?

Jasper Everywhere considers the context of the email thread when crafting a personalized response.

📱Creating social content?

Writing social media content can be a breeze with Jasper’s 60+ premade templates to get you started.

✏️Have Content that you need to rewrite?

You can easily rewrite, repurpose, or summarize content using commands like, “Summarize the contentabove in3 bullet points.”

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can't be used without subscribing


Jasper.AI is a life-saver! It's an amazing browser extension for writing that saves me loads of time and helps me create quality content. It's a must-have if you want to quickly generate text or refine your writing style. Highly recommend!


This is not a free chrome extension you have to sign up with credit card to "Try it free for 5 days" & are then charged "$82/mo- billed annually" then "If your account goes over your monthly budget for word credits you will be charged for overages at $10 per 5,000 words or moved to a higher plan (you can select your preferred method in your settings)."


The extension is great, but the quality of Jasper's output is underwhelming.


I'm dying to start using Jasper. First time a website project excites me.


I have been following Jasper.ai since it's inception and the amount of work this company does in the background is amazing. Constantly improving and listening to its clients. This extension is just another example. Thanks for the great work.


Good chrome extension, super easy to use and get more productive with.


I've been using Jasper for several months, and I really do like how easy this extension makes it to pull up certain templates I use regularly, like the paragraph generator, intro/conclusion, and easily add the content into my writing. I'm still getting used to it, but it's made certain things I do much quicker. I'm sure it'll continue to improve. And this is me just using it from within the app itself. I can see its potential in so many other scenarios, like sending emails, or just opening up a google doc. Thanks guys!


If you're like me, then you know that writing copy can be a real pain. It takes time, and it's hard to come up with something that's both high quality and converts well. That's where Jasper.ai comes in. This AI copywriting tool makes it easy for me to generate high quality content for my website, Facebook ads, emails, and more. And the best part? I don't have to spend hours trying to write it myself - Jasper does all the hard work for me! So if you need help with your content, then I highly recommend giving Jasper a try.


Great extension. Really helpful when working in different software but I can still use Jasper for help! Definitely recommend to others


Really helpful extension! Would recommend for anyone who loves using Jasper and wants to get even quicker copywriting results. Use when directly working in your emails, browser and more


Love the Jasper extension. Great UI, intuitive, and allows you to take Jasper to any text box in Chrome. In particular, I find it very helpful when writing or responding to emails, but I'm starting to use it more in Google Docs, Slides, etc.


I'm in love with this extension wow!! Thank you Jasper!


If you're wondering if it's worth it to give jasper a shot. Do it, my comment is just for you!!


I didn't think I needed this extension, but then I installed it, and wow! So much potential to create in web apps. I look forward to seeing where the team takes the plugin.


It was difficult to write content like a native as I'm not a native English speaker, this have been a big help writing stuff for me.


I love using Jasper.ai because it's saved me so much time and it's really easy to use. I like that it gives you a different point of view, and some great ideas which I can then use in my own writing. It's also super intuitive, and relatively cheap compared to other similar tools out there. I've used Jasper for a variety of different things - from summarizing complex technical and theorical technological concepts, to websites, and even blogs - and it always delivers high quality copy that converts well. My only suggestion would be that they allow us more words for templates like "Explain It To A Child" out of the box, but apart from that minor niggle I have nothing but good things to say about this amazing tool!


Awesome extension! It just takes productivity to another level being able to use Jasper across the web.


Helps me write new articles and stuff for marketing. Much quicker than me trying to come up with something


Awesome experience and great extension. The future