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Less meeting. More doing.

Claap’s video workspace helps you share quick video updates, record meetings and organize video content, all in one place:

– Replace your next meeting with a short video and get feedback faster with annotations, threads and video replies
– Record your meetings with highlights, transcripts and AI notes. Let your teammates catch up on key moments.
– Scale your team’s knowledge with a video workspace designed for your org. Connect with your favorite apps.

Used and loved by fast-thinking companies such as Revolut, Kavak, Qonto, 360Learning and more.

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For use by companies only: Up to 10 videos per creator Up to 10 min per video Up to 20 creators per workspace Unlimited contributors per workspace Very cool, but I don't want to auto upload the videos to your server. And I need to enter the title of each video instead of taking it from the window/tab title... Fix please


It's the best screen working tool, hands down! much better that loom


Excellent! Smooth-glitch-free, and responsive customer service. Way more "bang-for-buck" than Loom and competitors. Glad to be an early-adopter of this tool.


It is an incredible tool for my day-to-day work as a customer support representative. I definitely recommend Claap!


Truly amazing app, made our everyday working much easier. truly recommended !


Super useful!


You're always ready to share something with Claap. working with a tech team, a 30s videos is often way more powerful than a thousand words to explain something


Great app, we've been using it across the board. From product releases, to bug reporting, it's a great tool and avoids a bunch of meetings.


Such a useful tool for capturing feedback quickly and sharing with your team (or a broader audience). Useful for anyone that works remotely and is striving to have less meetings in their lives.


Muy útil y funciona bien. Lo uso mucho para enviar instrucciones o ideas, mucho más rápido que buscar el hueco para hacer una call y que la otra persona tenga que tomar notas. Grabas y listo


Very good app ! Easy to use ! It's perfect when you want to explain something faster with your screen and people can comment directly during the video !


Claap is great to easily record new features and share them with the team and clients to get instant feedback.


Great extension to help our team collaborate on decisions without everyone having to be at meetings ! Record the matter, comment to explain what decision needs to be taken, and share the claap, people can get the full brief and give their opinions with no time lost 🙏


This tool helps me go back to interviews and learn more. It is also really convenient and quick to record anything and share it with team.


A very useful tool for our teams, boosting our productivity and making our communication much more effective. We use it for product matters, trainings and onboardings, new feature launch... Asynchronous meetings mainly help us reduce the volume of meetings and keep information available for anyone at anytime.


Claap has been a game-changer in our team! We’ve completely switched the way we share ideas and give feedback and drastically reduced our time-spent in meetings. 🙌


Been using Claap since day 1 to work asynchronously. The product is amazing and it allows us to more flexibilty by cutting off useless and long meetings


Un outil incontournable pour un usage quotidien dans notre équipe produit. Un plaisir de consulter, commenter, et organiser les avis d'une équipe sans perturber nos agendas. Une solution ultra adapté à nos besoins de travail en remote. Thank you to exist !


Great to share rich information to a broad set of colleagues, in one shot :)


Loving Claap. really simple to use and I love the fact you can comment directly on the video as if you're pointing at it. Makes training and sync meetings a breeze