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Want to learn the world’s best ideas, faster and better?

Shortform for Chrome summarizes your favorite content and YouTube videos instantly, with a single click.

Even better, Shortform gives you background context and counter-arguments, so you understand the full picture and form your own opinion.

Powered by AI and lovingly crafted by humans. The team that makes the world’s best book guides (www.shortform.com) now wants to help you learn the best ideas everywhere.

How to Use Shortform in Chrome
• Click Add to Chrome
• Create an account or log in to Shortform
• Pin the extension to make it easier to access
• Click the extension icon, then click Summarize to get your instant summary!

Use cases for Shortform
• 🔍 Preview content before diving in
• 🧠 Remember key ideas from your favorite pieces of content
• 🌎 Learn background context to understand the issues better
• 📚 Understand counter-arguments to form a well-rounded opinion
• 📈 Explore related ideas to supercharge your learning

What’s included

Free version
• Read dozens of free summaries every month
• Generate 1 new summary every day on demand

Premium version
• Read unlimited summaries
• Generate hundreds of new summaries per month
• Get access to the full Shortform library, including the world’s best book guides
• Get priority access to new extension features

⚒️ Coming soon:
• Summarize non-YouTube videos, podcasts, Reddit discussions, and more
• Upload documents to summarize
• Save highlights and notes to your private library
• Discuss with the Shortform community
• AI writing tools and chatbot

By installing the extension, you agree to Shortform’s Terms of Service (https://shortform.com/terms) and Privacy Policy (https://shortform.com/privacy).

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Pretty good when you're binging on research


Highly useful extension! Great for summarizing long reddit threads, and also (surprisingly) good for translating foreign Telegram Web channels (Telegram overrides the context menu in Chrome so its native translation doesn't work). BTW, the quality of the book summaries provided by the app is outstanding; far, far better than competing service Headway, for instance.


This is a really good extension and gives decent summaries. It's not quite working for me at the moment, so will reinstall it. I like the counter arguments and summaries. The feature I'd really like to have is to be able to save and sort summaries in our Shortform accounts for convenience, rather than having to copy/paste into a separate app. That one feature would take it up to a five for me.


The best! So useful for researchers, students, those creating second brains, and anyone that loves lifelong learning. It has a brief summary, then context to give you a better understanding of where this information is in the world of knowledge. The counter argument section is great for exploring what other ideas and opinions are out there. Students who use that in their research papers (along with supporting sources) are going to do much better than their counterparts. And there are links to additional resources. Just remember not all professors will accept web links as scholarly sources. But seriously, this helps me save time while still doing critical thinking and even more researching. I highly recommend this plug-in. Right now you can try it out without having a subscription to Shortform.


This AI summarizer tool is truly impressive and stands out from its peers. Its superior ability to provide precise, context-rich summaries is unparalleled. The user-friendly interface and the unique feature of presenting counterarguments make it a must-have tool, especially for professionals who need to condense vast amounts of information quickly. A huge shout-out to the development team for creating this innovative tool that has become indispensable to our work. The anticipation of future developments in this tool is genuinely exciting. Keep up the great work!


Works better then all the other AI summarizers I have tried and gives additional information when compiling data. It's great to experience a well thought out tool that's easy to use and anticipates your needs.


Works well. Please add other language for the summaries.


Great extension. The context, links, and counterarguments often take a while to appear. Otherwise, excellent.


Pleasantly surprised this was part of a Shortform subscription. As a web developer, I really using the counter arguments section on my own pages as it helps me come up with content that could address those arguments. The "Learn More" links may need some improvement as I've found a few to not be relevant. Overall, great tool. I also bought a Shortform subscription for my wife.


I've been wanting a product like this forever! Love this extension and have been using it almost daily since I installed it. Easy to use and overall awesome product.


Loving how it summarizes long articles that my father in law sends me! Fantastic idea and functionality is working well (as advertised). Going to enjoy watching it evolve as time goes on helping me to learn quicker and become more effective.


This extension offers an immediate value add. I often summarize an article first, read the Shortform summary to contextualize the content, and then dive into the article for deeper detail (if needed). Great work!


One of the most useful tool and immediately impactful tools I have used in a very long time. If you are an avid extended mind, Second Brain note taker than the usefulness of this extension can't be overstated. The ability to rapidly condense a wide variety of information and not only summarize it, but provide context, and counter argument as well as additional resources (web links) in such an efficient manner is fantastic. I have to extend significant kudos to the development team.