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Get your tabs under control with Startab!

You can finally close those tabs and navigate the easy way!

Best for
✅ solving the “too many tabs” problem
✅ quick switching between different projects and topics
✅ beautiful & customizable new tab

Startab is the ultimate extension for freelancers who want to improve their browsing experience.

It allows you to easily save and open tabs, and knows which sites you want to visit next.

With its bookmark manager, tabs and windows manager, and to-do list, Startab helps you stay organized and on track with your work.

Main features
✔️ Bookmark manager
– Open bookmarks in a window or tab group
– Drag and drop to organize
✔️ Tabs and windows manager
– Drag tabs between windows
– Drag tabs to reorder them
– Close windows
– Group all tabs in a window
✔️ 10 upcoming Google Calendar events
✔️ To-do list that lets you keep track of your tasks and deadlines
✔️ Calendar that helps you keep track of your schedule

Other features

✔️ A dark mode that is easier on your eyes and helps you focus
✔️ A clock, so you can stay on track with your time
✔️ 6 search providers (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, Reddit, Wolfram)
✔️ A customizable background. Pick an image from our gallery or paste a link to your own.
✔️ Customize font, font size, feel
✔️ Customize time format (12/24h)

Note: For the best experience, after installing Startab click the ‘Keep it’ button on the ‘Change back to Google’ notification. This will show Startab on each new tab as intended.

Feel free to contact support at [hello@startab.io](mailto:hello@startab.io). We’ll reply as soon as possible. Suggest features and report bugs on https://forms.gle/kGzvmJ2LRkfXhoXu5

✅ Software

Startab uses React 18 and Material UI for a swift and modern experience.

The code implements the latest standards by following manifest v3. As stated by Google,
“Manifest V3 represents one of the biggest shifts in the extensions’ platform since it launched a decade ago. Extensions using Manifest V3 will enjoy enhancements in security, privacy, and performance; […]
Manifest V3 is part of a shift in the philosophy behind how we approach end-user security and privacy.”

✅ Updates

v 3.5.6 Intuitive tab groups control, improved UI
– The UI throughout the extension has been improved.
– You can now organize, save, and close your tabs from any page! Just click on Startab’s popup icon on the right of the URL bar.
– When saving windows, new tabs will not be saved.
– When grouping windows, new tabs and tabs that are already in a tab group will not be grouped.
– When saving a window, tab groups are saved as folders.

v 3.5.5 Fix issues, improve navigation
– Tabs widgets: Fix error with grouping tabs.
– Tabs widget: Fix styling issue with tabs that have a long title.
– Alerts: remove redundant x1 for every notification.
– Calendar: Current date is highlighted.
– Navigation: Show a button that closes the advanced setup.
– Bugs: Handle general issues more gracefully, add automated tests.

v 3.5.4 UX rework, drag and drop
– Drag and drop links to reorder them.
– Better control over your windows. You can now open/close windows, drag to reorder and move tabs between windows.
– Startab remembers which navigation menu you opened last.
– Startab remembers which bookmark folder you currently work on and shows it on all new tabs. This achieves a consistent experience and helps you focus on 1 topic.
– Customize Startab. You can now choose font, font size, feel, and time format.

v 3.5.3 New UI, manage tabs
– New minimalistic UI.
– Control your tabs and windows from Startab’s popup. Easily find the
window you are looking for and save all tabs for later. Sort by window, tab group, or title.
– Google Calendar timeline of upcoming events
– Your new tab will load faster. Included some light animation as items
– Moving bookmarks and saved sessions is now easier. Create a
new target folder while moving.
– See a list of all your tabs and sort by window, tab group, or title.
– Open a folder of bookmarks in a new window.

v 3.5.2 Manage tabs, better drag & drop
– Drag links & folders into a folder.
– Move links & folders without entering drag mode.
– New feature – manage tabs.
– Edit task title.
– Initial tour for new users.
– Save all tabs with one click on pop-up

v 3.5.1 Group tabs, fix issues
– Opening all folder links groups tabs together. Makes them easier to organize & close from a single window.
– Google events are cached for 1 minute to prevent server overload from refreshing the page.
– Improve ‘Add new bookmark’ workflow. Better titles, placeholders, etc.
– Fix bug: ctrl/command + click was opening both on a new tab and in the current tab.
– Improved landing page. Check it out on startab.io

v 3.5.0 Add tasks & events
– Google Calendar integration – see the first 10 events from your Google calendar every time you open a new tab. Cool! Yet, still in Beta. The implementation was more complex than expected and there might be bugs like logging you out. Please report any issues in About or text me.
– Simple To-do list. You can add new tasks and mark them as complete. For now, completed task are deleted, and you can’t edit a task.
– Control width of calendar. Allows you to make the layout more symmetrical and aligned.
– Code maintenance and documentation. Converted all files to TypeScript for easier debugging.
– Allowed same day selection in the calendar.Credits: Anna – feedback
Improve tour, better socials

v 3.4.9 Link to Socials
– Better buttons to our socials.
– Fix initial tour issues.
– Small UI improvements.
– Better search, fix issues

v 3.4.8 Search Suggestions & Layout
– Show search suggestions when typing a query.
– Adjust the font size of the clock by increasing/decreasing its height.
– Improve link/folder hover effect.
– Fix layout issues.







Thank you for your feedback, Matthew! Apologies for your issues with Startab. We are working towards better practices that will result in a smoother experience. Thanks for the suggestions. We are also developing a series of walkthroughs and tutorials that explain how Startab works. If you liked the idea of visually organizing your bookmarks and windows on your new tab, please consider trying Startab again!


Seemed really buggy and always crashed on me. Very little documentation, would have appreciated a little "this is how you set it up and use it" page on the website or something.


I love it! I've tried many other extentions like onetab and momentum but there's always something missing.. This one's awesome, it has everything I need and really helps me navigate through my tabs and bookmarks while keeping my new tabs pretty at the same time. You just get the best of both worlds. I also like that I can customize EVERYTHING so it looks exactly the way I want it to!


Works great!


Thanks for the review and the suggestions you emailed me!


Thanks so much for the review Ester! I am sorry to hear you lost half of your tabs :/ You probably know it, but Command + Shift + T opens the last closed tab. Not sure how many you can restore though. There's probably a limit. Regarding tab saving, there's a button on the top-left of Startab, just next to the + button. Click on it and allow access to tabs. Then, you will see a list of all open tabs. You can select multiple and perform actions close/group/save. Also, on the top-right of your browser, where the other extensions are, you can click on Startab's icon to save all open tabs. It's very similar to how OneTab works. Bear in mind, it will not group them in a folder, you will have to manually drag & drop to organize them into folders. I would love to hear more feedback from you once you have had more time to play with Startab. This was really useful for me!


so far, so good! uh..would just be cool to have a "reopen closed tab[s]" button cuz uh, O_O yeah...that happened ! (for some reason I could only restore about half my tabs with google's version on the feature..go figure :S I'll lurk my history later but food for thought, maybe?) looks great btw! I'm totally here for it ^__^ regarding looks tho: would be cool/even better to have another panel just like the one that features the bookmarks but instead, for our tabs! would be way more aesthetically pleasing while doing any organizing or sorting :)) oOooh, and this one's kind of a big one for me..would LOVE is there was a tab saving feature..basically like OneTab..While I use OneTab, it/Chrome bugged out on me once and I kinda panicked so now I'm looking for alternatives..kinda how I stumbled across this haha.. anyway! all just some friendly suggestions! ^__^


Strikes a great balance between decluttered and functional design


Thanks Dilyan!


good job, keep going!


Thanks for clarity, I understand it now.


Hi L Rellim, I am sorry to hear that. Controlling tabs is an optional permission and you could decline access. It is required if you want to open all links in a folder at once and if you want to save open tabs. Furthermore, the application is open-source and you can see that none of your information is being sent to our servers. You can see Google's documentation here: https://developer.chrome.com/docs/extensions/reference/tabs/ I hope you would reconsider your rating :/


Suddenly it's asking for full control of the tabs, no can do, this is just recently, will uninstall.


Thank you Jivko! Hope it serves you well :)


as a person working with a lot of bookmarks. This is a perfect solution so i can get all my links in one quick window at a glance. Recommend it to all


Thanks Ivan! Hope you find it useful :)


great product!


Thanks Tereza! It will get even better :)


Strongly recommend this bookmarks manager, very helpful and easy to use.


Great extension! My bookmarks look very organized now :)