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Search Belt插件简介

Users of Search Belt may install this extension to set their browser’s default search engine to Search Belt.

This Search Belt extension sets your default search engine to SearchBelt.com.

Our motto/mission with this search engine is to help Christians equip the full armor of God (Ephesians 6). The online ecosystem is secular by design, and driving a Christian search engine through a secular world can be quite helpful in finding truth, maintaining righteousness, and practicing stewardship of resources.

Do you use your money, resources, and time in such a way that furthers God’s kingdom? I’m not just talking about donating money, I’m talking about supporting people and businesses that seem to espouse Christian values.

With Search Belt, there is no promise that every end result you click on will be a Christian organization, at least not outright. But we do employ sophisticated ranking systems to greatly increase the likelihood this happens. These ranking systems will continue to be employed and bolstered over time.

The internet is a vast resource that encompasses human greatness and human degeneracy. Godly wisdom, and earthly sin. The challenge for Christians is knowing the difference before we click. Sometimes it’s not obvious which is which, and the very temptation to click on a sinful headline is something we are called to avoid. As Matthew 26 says, “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”, so I say don’t give your flesh the chance to contradict your spirit.

We do not promise using this service you will never see the sort of content that is antithetical to your faith. There are billions of pieces of content on the web, and we cannot manually sift through all of the content. Furthermore, there are some websites we do not want to ban but may contain some disagreeable content. For instance, you can find adult content on Wikipedia and Reddit, but these sites also contain a lot of great information.

However, there are a few things we do to make the likelihood of stumbling upon that content by accident a lot more difficult.

For instance, all major search engines have a certain safe-search setting, I was joking around about what to refer to this toggle as when writing this with my wife, and came up with a few funny names for it. Three of the funniest options “temptation toggle”, “the devil’s dropdown”, and “satan’s search setting”. Whatever you call it, we don’t have it. Safe search is always on.

Secondarily, we manually find websites and user reports on our contact page to remove pages from our entire search engine when they don’t seem to have any redeemable content.

Third, we de-rank pages (they are still in the index but less likely to be first page or top of first page) that contain language and content types as we see fit.

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