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Teal’s Job Search Tracker插件简介

The best tool to organize and manage your job search. Teal’s Job Tracker™ is 100% free to use.

Keep track of your search with Teal’s Job Tracker™ and join 14,000+ users who have saved 50,000+ jobs!

➤ Save jobs from 24+ popular job boards
Use Teal’s Job Tracker™ to save jobs from LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and more!

➤ Save time during your job search
Apply to jobs faster, cut down the organization time, and follow-up at the right time.

➤ Organize and manage your job hunt
All jobs you save across different job boards save to your dashboard. You can update the status of each job, add notes, attach contacts, rate your interest, complete checklists and schedule follow up dates.

➤ Optimize your materials
Teal’s Job Tracker™ highlights keywords in job listings so you can easily see what skills are necessary for the position. You can take those skills and add them into your resume and cover letter and get past ATS.

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Simple to use and great way to help job seekers track opportunities they are interested in. As a career coach I have used this for my own search as well as recommended it to people I am supporting in their search and am finding it is helping me and the job seeker get more clear, faster on the types of roles they really want.


Best tool till date for me to track applications. Really easy to use. I hope they add more features to add milestones in interview stage.


It pulls from linkedin and indeed. I doidn't try other platforms.


The best among the ones I've seen.


It makes it so much easier to capture job postings, has a nice and organized interface, I like the built in search capability, and I love that it tells you if the job posting is still posted.


Awesome tool to speed up your job search!


Hi Mez Mez, Oh no, that's really frustrating! Our extension works with over 40 job board, but something obviously must have gone wrong. If you can email us at membersupport@tealhq.com, we will figure out what happened. Sorry again you had a bad experience. We'd love a chance to to fix it - Erik.


This only wanted to pull from linkedin, no other boards. It didn't matter how many times I changed the settings, installed/uninstalled - nothing worked. The concept is great, execution was a failure. I really had high hopes for it, too.


So much faster and less frustrating than using a spreadsheet


Lets you apply to more jobs and submit better applications! win win!


Saves me a ton of time on my job search. I have a limited time to find jobs and customize my materials and Teal helps me with both! Can't recommend Teal enough!


Having a central place to handle all my job bookmarks and the ones I've applied, saved me a lot of time. This extension is as awesome as all the work Teal is doing for job seekers. 👍


One of those tools you won't be able to believe you used to not use. A must-have for any job seeker who's looking to take their job hunt up a notch.


This is a great chrome extension. Highly recommend for any job seeker!


works like a charm : ) automatically scrapes job listings and saves them to my dashboard


This tool is awesome. Looking for a new job is such a pain, but the extension and job tracker make it so much easier to stay organized and on top of all the applications I’ve submitted!


Wish I had this for my last job search - such a good way to stay organized and track all your job prospects! Definitely helps to job search smarter.


Great piece of software. Makes it really easy to keep track of job posts!


Makes keeping track of jobs I want easy, and back at tealhq.com I can keep track of the status of each job. This is the way to job hunt.


So much better than copy/paste into excel!