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“Low contrast text is the most common accessibility issue and affects 85% of pages. Text with sufficient contrast makes text readable to all users, including those with low vision, color blindness or environmental interference.

This extension will automatically fix low color contrast on any site you visit. Set your minimum level of contrast and this extension will automatically force any site you visit to meet your preferences.

Make every site readable without overwriting the rest of the design. Easily pick between “”Medium”” (WCAG AA level) and “”High”” (WCAG AAA level) contrast and optionally force the background color to change when needed as well for optimal readability.

Fix Contrast is free, does not run any external code, has no tracking and is supported by the Polypane browser for developers. For more, visit https://polypane.com

We are always looking for people to translate it into more languages, please reach out!”

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