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AliExpress Free Invoice插件简介

The free extension to download an invoice on AliExpress using Google Chrome. The free AliExpress invoice generator plugin allows you to download the your AliExpress receipt.

✜ Download
To use our “AliExpress Invoice” extension, simply follow the procedure below:
▻ Find “AliExpress invoice free” directly on the Google Web Store
▻ Press “Add to Chrome” which downloads the tool to your computer

✜ Use
There will thus be two possibilities to download your receipts:

From the extension
a) By pressing “My Orders”
b) Following procedure 2) directly on AliExpress

Directly on the website,
a) Go to the website by logging into your account
b) Then click on the “View details” button
c) a button appears with “Download PDF INVOICE”

This button is displayed on all your orders, you just have to keep the extension installed on your browser it will work during all your orders. This extension is useful both for generating an Aliexpress invoice for customs.

✜ AliExpress
It’s a website for connecting different merchants with buyers, the interface connecting buyers and sellers. The platform sends an order confirmation email but does not take care of providing you with the justification for purchases after purchasing your products ordered on the site and receiving your order. To be able to justify in your accounts, your expense report or even track your purchases, the “AliExpress bill” extension allows you to generate order PDFs, this is a layout of the justified order.

On Ali-express the VAT invoice is not automatic because the law and tax rules are not the same in each country, this extension allows you to generate an order PDF file to justify your costs and to issue a file similar to the purchase receipt.

✜ Customs
In case of customs control, you may need to justify your purchases, or when purchasing from dropshipping, you may need to obtain a receipt from Alibaba; by installing the AliExpress download invoice. Usage corresponds perfectly to Ali customs bill or Ali-Express dropshipping invoice.

✜ Operation
This extension works the same way Ali invoice however it works free of charge and without subscription.

✜ Legal
We are in no way related to Alibaba Inc, AliExpress Inc, or any of Alibaba’s subsidiaries. Our extension allows you to generate PDFs to allow you to justify your purchases and simplify your accounting, it is not an invoice in the French legal sense of the term because it is not issued by the Alibaba company or reseller ( https://www.economie.gouv.fr/entreprises/factures-mentions-obligatoires). Nevertheless, our software does not make fake receipts as it only issues documents that have been paid and confirmed by Alibaba. SAS AUNALA, responsible for creating the software, is not responsible for your use of these documents.

You can find our privacy policy here: http://aliexpress-invoice.com/privacy-and-cookies-policy.html

✜ Privacy and collection
We do not collect any of your personal data, only anonymous data is sent to Google Analytics for statistical purposes.
Your data are collected securely and never leaves your browser, it is used to generate the documents and add the download button.
The extension is free and will remain so.
Nevertheless, by downloading this software and accepting the general conditions of sale, you agree that there is a sharing of data of your orders (no collection of personal data) between AliExpress and the extension. To create the PDF document and that the creators of the software be paid by Alibaba in percentage as business introducers. This system makes it possible to make the extension free for users and to pay the costs relating to the creation and maintenance of this software

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so much easier than the apps requiring you to sign up!


Used to love this addon, but it doesn't work anymore. It is showing the VAT price as total price, and the invoices that it generates is completely useless. Please please please, update <3 Thanks in advance


Cette extension me permet de retrouver toutes mes factures gratuitement et facilement tout est au même endroit ! Je recommande vivement


Merci au dev, la facilité d'utilisation et l'usage me convient parfaitement. Je peux enfin faire la compta de la Sté sans demander aux 50 vendeurs de la market place, je recommande !


Ne prends pas en charge correctement la TVA. Pour un produit à 10, une TVA à 21% (donc 2.10 euro), cela m'affiche un prix de vente à 10 euro et un total à 2.10 euro. Bref totalement erroné.


It doesn't calculate my coupon discounts.


Todo bien pero me sumas las tasas y las pone en el total sin tomar el cuenta el precio real. Ejemplo: Precio: 10$ Tasas: 2$ Total: 2$ Ojala lo solucionen. Saludos!


Utilisation conforme, bon travail


Almost perfect. Easy to use, intuitive and great all in all but we found 1 issue - the generated invoice does not take into account the coupons. We bought an item for (approximately) $55 + $5 shipping - $3 coupon = $57 total. However the generated invoice does not mention any coupons and writes a total of $60. I used the PDF editing software to add the coupon and fix the total price. This plugin did the heavy lifting though so thank you and good luck


Berechnet bei mir nicht den richtigen Rechnungsbetrag, sondern schreibt bei mir die Taxes als Total rein und ist daher leider unbrauchbar


Vraiment pratique pour la comptabilité française. fonctionne tous les jours sans demande aux vendeurs


Totally wrong calculations...doesn't add the VAT...can't show pound sign...amateur work..


great addon


Great app that's easy to use, but not for dropshippers unfortunately. The 'buyer' field auto-populates with the shipping address, which for us as a dropshipping company is incorrect - the supplier is paid by our business. The app would work great for individuals buying their own goods, but for us unfortunately it would mean sharing our customers' PPI unnecessarily. With an adjustment to make the 'buyer' field fully customisable, this would work great for businesses like ours!


Fast and easy, thank you!


LO MEJOR, 10/10, nada de registros ni estupideces, todo directo al grano con 1 click ya tienes todo el PDF. amigo que buena extensión


Much better than so many other Aliexpress invoice makers. I appreciate it.


Funktioniert soweit :)


Gostei dessa extensão pra gerar Invoice. Só precisa atualizar pra aparecer a imagem do produto e o valor dos descontos. Fora isso, está melhor que outras extensões.


Merci au développeur pour cette extension facile et gratuite !


tested many, this is the one you looking for, does its job well and its FREE !


I've tried many extensions to generate bills. This one is way easier to use than others. Thanks


Vraiment le petit plus que j'attendais pour AliExpress, je ne suis plus obigé de faire une capture d'écran; Un grand merci et bravo.


Enfin une extension gratuite pour les factures aliexpress !