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SPOT allows you to add any song ‘spotted’ on your browser, to your Spotify playlists on the spot!

* Say you’re listening to a song on YouTube. You really like it and want to add it to one of the playlists you maintain on Spotify. SPOT reduces the manual steps required in order to achieve this, by directly querying the current playing video on your youtube tab, querying and displaying the results within the extension

* You are scrolling through Instagram/Reddit/(any other website for the matter) and stumble across the name of a song in the caption/post and would love to check the song out. SPOT allows you to highlight this ‘SPOTTED’ text and find the best matching results on Spotify via the extension – by simplying triggering a search on right click, or by using the hotkeys ‘CTRL + SHIFT+ S’

You can scroll through all the top matches found, preview the selected song and add it to multiple playlists, all from within the browser – without changing any tabs/windows!


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Fixes certain在闪电中打破了左边。
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Thankyou so much, Sohail! :D


This just made the process of adding songs to my playlist super convenient. Kuddos!


Thankyou so much Darshan!! :D


This is such a great and useful plugin. Absolutely loved it. It really makes life easier. Awesome job!!


Dharmesh, thankyou so much!


Thanks for the feedback, Ashish! Glad you like it :D


Thankyou so much for you kind words, Dipesh!


Convenience at its finest! Reduces the effort and makes me more lazy. I love it.


This does exactly what extensions are supposed to do - make your life easier! Totally recommend for music buffs.


Thankyouu so much, Alina! :')))


Thankyou so much Maaa, love youuu!!!!!! <3


Excellent!!!!!! loved the extension !!!!Great work keep it up! extension experience was very good ,looking forward to use it daily makes my life easier✌


Thankyou SOOO much Hrishikesh! :D


This is amazing! Creative use of an API that lets your only listen to 30s of an audio clip! Well done!


Thankyou for the positive feedback, Ayman! :D


This is such an Amazing Extension! so convenient...love it!


Love it!!! I’ve been using SPOT for a few days now and I’m fully obsessed. It’s super convenient and very user-friendly! I would highly recommend fellow music lovers to check this out!


Wow shiz just got easy! big ups!


Hey Karob, thankyou so much for sharing that! I'm so glad that SPOT is making a positive difference. Thankyou for the support, appreciate it :D


Thankyou so much, Ria! There are definitely plans to extend to browsers beyond Chrome. I'm so glad that SPOT is working for you the way it is. Appreciate the support! :D


So happy to hear that, Mars! Thankyou so much for the feedback, appreciate the support! :D


Thankyou so much, Ankit! :D


Thankyou so much for the positive feedback, Mehr! It makes me so happy to know that SPOT made a difference. Appreciate the support :'))


Thanks Akshay! Glad to hear that :D


freed me from a lot of hassle .. kudos ...


I didn't know what I was missing until I found SPOT! This extension has saved me so much time and effort. I've only had it for a few days now, and it has become an essential part of my routine in finding music and creating that perfect playlist! Love it, and 100% recommend it for all Spotify users.


This is an extremely convenient extension for google chrome! Hopefully I will see compatibility in other browsers as well. I am a college student who is constantly relying Spotify music and google chrome simultaneously to discover new music as well enjoy my time while studying and working! Spot saves me a lot of my time that I would have otherwise spent shifting from one application to the other. Spot is a great extension and I feel like everyone should immediately download it if the want to lead a more convenient browser experience :) Loved this more than expected, hope to see more features soon!!


There are things you think you don't need until you have them, and then you can't live without them. This is one of them for me! Honestly, I've never been impressed by an extension like this before. Love it!


This is one of the smartest productivity hack.


Glad to hear that, Vadhir :')) Thankyou for the positive feedback!


What I needed today.


Thankyou Merceli! Appreciate the positive feedback :D


Great stuff! Finally can add those tunes in to my Spotify quickly!


As an avid music listener I am constantly on the lookout for new songs. Most of the times I'm either on youtube while working and I end up encountering a song that I really like and think should be a part of my Spotify playlists. Being an inherently lazy person, I usually don't take the efforts of doing so because it requires too many clicks and keyboard presses. SPOT solves this hassle and makes the process of adding songs to playlists super smooth. I love the concept on which SPOT is based and would recommend this to anyone who listens to music using Spotify. Kudos to the developer for making this extension!!