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Watch with Friends, Filler Lookup, Theater Mode, Playback Speed, Better Queue, Hide Spoilers, skip intros & outros and More!!!
Crunchyroll++ is an all in one solution for you anime binging needs!

Tons of desired features with many more on the way this extension is a necessity for any Otaku!


» Intro/Outro Skip (currently closed beta) – A community driven feature that will allow you to enter the times for Intro Start/Stop and Outro Start/Stop for any anime you’re currently watching. You are not required to enter all the times, any single submission will work just as well, however the more accurate the information the better the feature will work. Simply click the “time icon” at the top right to choose from 3 Skip Modes.
1) Default – This mode shows the skip button when the times are available for that episode.
2) Audio Only Intro/Outro – Love the intro song but hate seeing the next villain 50 episodes in advance? Enable the audio only so you can enjoy the music without fear of ruining plots.
3) Auto Skip Intro/Outro – Enable the auto skip feature and never see an intro/outro again

» Watch Party – Watch with your friends or complete strangers! Simply create a room and enter a lobby with anyone who knows the name of your room. A user friendly chat window is provided so you can scream in unison at your favorite anime moments!

» Personalized Queue System – Want to separate your “favorites” from your “watch that laters”? Create virtually unlimited folders and sort them to your own liking. No more endless scrolling to find that old favorite.

» Spoiler Blur – Hate seeing thumbnails, descriptions and names of the next episode? Stay in constant blissful surprise by turning off “Show Spoilers”. Never again will your binge be ruined by seeing your favorite character be killed in the thumbnail.

» Playback Speed – Don’t have all the time in the world? No worries! Control the play back speed and watch your favorite animes as fast as Minato Namikaze! Your playback speed will be saved so you’ll always stay at your prefered speed of choice.

» Seasonal Progress – Gave your friend your password temporarily and now he watched the entire new season of Attack on Titan? Don’t manually rewind, just click on Reset Episodes and fearlessly click that play button! The entire season will be reset in mere seconds for your enjoyment.

» Fillers – Are you a Manga Buff? Do you only believe in Canons? Say no more! With Crunchyroll++ each episode will advise on whether it’s a Canon, Filler or Mixed. *Coming Soon all Fillers will be automatically hidden and skipped.

» Removed dimmed overlay and play button! – Hate seeing that gigantic play button over the entire video for an eternity? Wish granted.

» Yokatta! – Don’t believe that dubs should exist? Hide them all away and let the sweet sounds of Nippon fill your ears!

» Sort Preference – About to start One Piece for the first time? Don’t scroll 1000 times. Sort any show from oldest to newest so you’re always watching in the right order.

» Theater Mode – With times the way they are, Crunchyroll++ brings the Theater to your home! Press F11 to enter Theater Mode with no full screen exit. Watch an entire season of Demon Slayer in one night!

» Forward/Rewind – Press CTRL + Right or CTRL + Left arrow to skip 30 seconds or simply click the forward/rewind buttons. Press S to skip 90 seconds and ALT+S to go back 90 seconds!

» You can also click on the extension to disable watch party/theater mode or enable the Show Spoiler to un-blur the thumbnails and descriptions.

If you enjoy the extension please don’t hesitate to buy me a coffee!


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