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Find deals & discounts by watching online prices daily with support from Web Engineers!

Price tracker & discount finder to monitor prices to find deals & discounts with confidence in knowing people (not just algorithms), got your back:

1. Your item is setup for discount price tracking by a Web Engineer
2. When something goes wrong monitoring the price to find discounts for your item (and it likely will), a Web Engineer will fix the issue, or let you know
3. We’ll track prices everyday and if we find a discount or deal at or below your target price, we’ll let you know about it
4. That’s it

When coupons are not available, find discounts by tracking prices!

This Microsoft Edge extension submits the URL of the web page/tab you are currently viewing to Glass It for daily price tracking. Browse the web & window shop without another extension that invades your browsing privacy! Click the lamp button to start monitoring* the price of an online item. Free trial account required

Everyone likes to save money. Hire a Web Engineer to track your online product. Why? Because it’s better than any app! Don’t give up your browsing privacy. Glass It!

-Set your target price to find discounts and price drops. Monitor prices from your smart devices
-Get email alerts & push notifications, which we can send you on all the major mobile platforms and web browsers
-Turn your PC off, or close your browser. Glass It does not slow down your PC or cause crashes while you shop online, unlike others!
-Works with most products listed for sale online publicly

What you’ll love about Glass It:
-We are humans, not just automated apps that often get things wrong. Reach out to us if you feel there is an issue monitoring your product
-Our Quality of Service

To see our privacy statement, please visit https://glassit.co/index.jsp#privacyPolicy

Buy on Amazon a lot? You will be surprised at the deals other retailers have from time to time. But only if you know to look!

If you just want to just track Amazon prices, you may not be finding the lowest price. Why? News flash, local or regional retailers typically don’t
list their best deals online deliberately – They want customers to come into the store in person for the exclusive access to the discounts and low prices

*monitoring occurs off-site in a totally separate process. Glass It Edge Extension does not perform any monitoring on your devices or access any content on the websites you visit. This browser extension is intended for Glass It LLC customers who want a quick way to send us an item’s URL from within Edge. Notifications are sent to your account email if your discount price was found

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