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Markup Hero 详情

Markup Hero is a free screenshot & annotation tool made to increase productivity and improve communication. With Markup Hero’s Chrome App you can quickly take a screenshot of any Chrome tab, application window, or screen. It’s free, and no sign up is required.

– Annotation Tools – Text, Arrow, Line, Rectangle, Oval, Pen, Highlighter
– Editing Tools – Colors, Font Size / Line Thickness, Move, Scale, Rotate, Undo / Redo, Delete
– Insert Images – Add images to any page to enhance your feedback or message
– Add Pages – Add and remove pages on any markup
– Share Link – Copy a unique sharable link for your image, screenshot, PDF or markup
– Copy Markup – Copy images, screenshots, or markups directly to your clipboard to paste into Gmail, SMS, Slack or you favorite communication app
– Download Markup – Download images, screenshots, or markups to store locally
– Duplicate Markup – Duplicate and edit any markup that is sent to you, or create new versions of your own markups
– Star & Tag Markups – Star & tag markups to keep all your files and annotations organized
– Privacy Settings – Toggle markups as public (anyone with share link) or private (only you)
– History – View and edit any markup at any point, from anywhere online in your web browser

Capture Ideas
– Instantly capture and share ideas with Markup Hero’s screenshot app and image / PDF uploader. Also make sure to check out our Google Drive App to quickly annotate and draw on Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides.
Communicate Clearly
– Clearly communicate your message on any image or PDF with easy to use annotation tools.
Save Time
– Access all your markups and annotations with a click and make edits on the fly.
Stay Organized
– Keep all your markups organized with tags, history and custom privacy settings.

Markup Hero 中文

标记英雄是一个免费的屏幕截图和注释工具,以提高生产率和改善沟通。与标记英雄 的Chrome应用程序,你可以快速采取任何Chrome标签,应用程序窗口或屏幕的截图。它是免费的,不需要注册。

-隐私设置-切换标记为公共 (任何人与共享链接) 或私人 (只有你)

-立即捕获并与标记英雄 的屏幕截图应用程序和图像/PDF上传者分享想法。还要确保查看我们的Google Drive应用程序,以便在Google文档、Google表和Google幻灯片上快速注释和绘图。

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阅读器模式是一个功能包装的铬阅读扩展和web应用程序,消除杂乱,广告和干扰,同时还包括阅读障碍,书签,注释,突出显示,文本到语音和许多其他功能都在一个工具。 特点: ✔无分心和无广告 “读者模式” ✔删除不需要的元素 ✔主题定

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Jeff Solomon

Slick and simple! Very nice. And the web based annotator is very smooth. Better than the rest. 油滑和简单!非常好。和基于web的注释器非常流畅。比其他的要好。

V Keerthi Vikram

A great Screenshot and annotation extension. I absolutely love it. 一个很棒的屏幕截图和注释扩展。我绝对喜欢它。

Skoshly MarTech

This is undoubtedly one of the best screenshot and annotation tool I’ve used. It’s my true hero without the cape. 这无疑是我使用过的最好的屏幕截图和注释工具之一。没有披风是我真正的英雄。

Barazana Golobo

A super awesome screenshot and annotation tool. My true MarkUp Hero. 一个超棒的截图和注释工具。我真正的加分英雄。

Markup Hero

Hi Skoshly! Thanks for the review. Glad you’re enjoying our feature set. Keep an eye out for more stuff soon. Hope you’ve had a chance to explore our desktop app too. Let us know if you need anything, and check out our https://roadmap.markuphero.com to vote on new features.

Markup Hero

Hi Barazana! Thanks for the review. Glad you’re liking it. Check out our https://roadmap.markuphero.com to vote on new features. 嗨,巴拉扎纳!感谢您的审查。很高兴你喜欢它。查看我们的https://roadmap.markuphero.com对新功能进行投票。

Markup Hero

Hi V Keerthi. Thx for the review. Glad you’re liking it. Keep us posted on what else you’d like to see here https://roadmap.markuphero.com 嗨,基尔西。用于审查的Thx。很高兴你喜欢它。请让我们在这里https://roadmap.markuphero.com您希望看到的其他内容

Janusz Skonieczny

It’s not a free tool, it has just a subset of free features. https://markuphero.com/pricing 它不是一个免费的工具,它只是一个免费功能的子集。https://markuphero.com/pricing