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【图】Berrycast for Chrome
【图】Berrycast for Chrome

Berrycast for Chrome

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Berrycast for Chrome 详情

Our mission is to make every second of your life more productive. And we believe that starts with clear communications and appropriate tools.

To fulfill our mission, Berrycast helps you share video messages using your screen, your voice, and your face to support your message. Byebye misunderstandings! Create and share clear video messages in less time than it would take to type an email.

– Free plan for ever
– Screen Recording
– Camera
– Microphone
– Speaker
– Select screen or a partial screen
– Password Protection
– Fully integrate in Outlook Web

Will come soon :
– Gmail integration
– Microsoft Teams integration
– Annotations
– And a lot more

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-完全集成在Outlook Web中


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【图】Screenshot & Screen Recorder w/ Webcam-Droplr
Screenshot & Screen Recorder w/ Webcam-Droplr

立即捕获屏幕截图和屏幕记录: 它被保存到云中,你可以与任何人共享的链接,任何地方。 简单易用。 截图: 捕获您的屏幕的一部分,整个屏幕,或完整的网页: 然后标记它。 屏幕记录器: 屏幕记录与音频和可选的网络摄像头作为GIF或高清视频。


Damien Bertholet

It’s amazing, this extension save me HOURS per weeks! Can’t live without! 这太神奇了,这个扩展为我每周节省了几个小时!不能没有!

Eric Ouellette

Very nice!

Johannie Robitaille

Perfect to send quick video messages and really simple to use. I love this extension!!! 完美的发送快速视频消息,使用起来非常简单。我喜欢这个分机!

Gabriel Lavertu

This extension is very helpful when it comes to show the issues or bugs of your website / software to your developer and get feedback in a single thread. It became my main tool for this purpose. It’s also nice to use it to make a presentation of documents prior to an online meeting or just to record the meeting entirely. It’s simple and easy.

Jean Doyon

Gotta love it! Great for sending quick howtos. Devs are quick at responding to feedback. Thanks for this great plugin! 得喜欢它!非常适合发送快速的howtos。开发人员快速响应反馈。感谢这个伟大的插件!

Carl Milette

Save so much time instead of writing email. 节省这么多时间,而不是写电子邮件。

Christina Larouche

How can I live without my berry!?! 我怎么能没有我的浆果!?!

JeanChristophe Dub

Hey everyone! 👋 I’m JC, the Product Owner @ Berrycast. We just launched this AMAZING extension! So please! Any feedback & suggestions would be awesome to continue improving it again & again! My team and I have been starting business and other projects for 5+ years, and this tool has been on our “project ideas” list since 2018. Following recent events, businesses around the world have been moving towards remote work and virtual communication. You’ve probably hit a few bumps along the way too, from multiple meetings to lots of long emails. If you’re looking to perfect your communication process for the road ahead, then we’ve got an awesome tool for you. You’ll be able to explain your messages better.. and way faster! OK, but what does it do? Berrycast is an extension that helps you record and share video messages using your screen, your voice, and your face to support your message. It’s a new simple tool to explain it better. Also amazing: It allows you to create, share, and watch video messages directly in Outlook web!! Stay tuned! This is just a start so please feel free to comment and help us get better! Let us know your thoughts! 👋 Best, JC
嘿大家!我是JC,产品所有者 @ Berrycast。我们刚刚推出了这个惊人的扩展!所以请!任何反馈和建议再次 & 再次继续改进它将是非常棒的!我和我的团队已经开始创业和其他项目5年了,这个工具自2018年以来一直在我们的 “项目创意” 名单上。在最近的事件之后,世界各地的企业都在向远程工作和虚拟通信方面迈进。你可能也遇到了一些颠簸,从多次会议到大量的长电子邮件。如果你想在未来的道路上完善你的沟通过程,那么我们为你提供了一个很棒的工具。你将能够更好地解释你的信息。而且速度更快!好吧,但是它有什么作用呢?Berrycast是一个扩展,可以帮助你使用你的屏幕,你的声音和你的脸来记录和分享视频消息,以支持你的消息。这是一个新的简单工具,可以更好地解释它。也令人惊叹: 它允许您直接在Outlook web中创建,共享和观看视频消息!!敬请关注!这只是一个开始,所以请随时评论,并帮助我们变得更好!让我们知道你的想法!最好的,JC

Jonathan Lveill

OMG!! SO USEFUL, it save me so much time in my communication with my colleagues. FIVE STARS!! OMG!!如此有用,它节省了我与同事交流的时间。五颗星!!

Elsie Levesque

My communications are much more complete and efficient, I love it! 我的沟通更加完整和高效,我喜欢它!

Nicolas Meunier

This is so useful ! 这真是太有用了!


This is amazing, I can send video messages to my colleagues in only a few clicks! I love this extension! 这太神奇了,我只需要点击几下就可以给同事发视频信息!我喜欢这个扩展!

Mikhael Aubut

I’ve been looking for a simple, efficient and fast extension! 5 stars for Berrycast! 我一直在寻找一种简单、高效、快速的扩展!5星为Berrycast!

Jose Quesada

Popup window to start recording disappears after the first recording. Pressing the app button again to do another recording doesn’t bring it again. Is this what you would expect? This is on brave and chromium linux

George Krivoruchko

I used to record my videos with Loom, but what Berrycast shows a list of advantages – especially what I noticed is the ability to download a video, and video storage limit 🙂 A great tool for screencast!
我曾经用织机记录我的视频,但Berrycast显示了一系列的优势-特别是我注意到的是下载视频的能力,以及视频存储限制 🙂 一个很棒的工具,用于截屏!


Hi Jose! Can you write us to https://www.berrycast.com/contact ? We will be able to support you here. I wish you a good day! 嗨,乔斯!你能写信给我们https://www.berrycast.com/contact吗?我们将能够在这里支持你。祝你有一个美好的一天!