【图】ReadBee – text mode for websites下载
【图】ReadBee – text mode for websites
【图】ReadBee – text mode for websites

ReadBee – text mode for websites

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Reader Mode why do you need it?

One of the ways to reduce this fatigue is to reduce the contrast between text and the screen. Easy text reader provides an overlay to cover the screen offering several different colours for users to choose from. Further you can change the colour of the text so that it further reduces the contrast.

ReadBee is a Chrome extension designed to help people engage with text. Often reading on a screen can cause strain on the eyes and most of the time this is not perceptible to your consciousness. The only way you can tell is your inability to read long pieces of text after a while.

Note that reader view mode works best for web pages that have a lot of content. There are some tools on the top of the page that can help you personalize your ReadBee. You can change background-color, font-size, font-family and line width of the reader view.

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【图】Fika – Reader Mode
Fika – Reader Mode

菲卡是你可以沉浸在阅读的地方。Navigator,Ads,Popups和恐怖的布局总是干扰阅读。菲卡是一种工具,可以帮助您从网页中提取主要内容,并以和平的阅读模式呈现。除此之外,菲卡检索内容表,并提供四个令人愉快的主题: 香草,拿铁,Bla

【图】WP Reader
WP Reader

Read /r/WritingPrompts submissions on Reddit with ease in a custom viewer.

【图】Reading mode
Reading mode

随着阅读模式,你可以删除文章,你在网上阅读所有杂波(包括广告)。 特征: 1.移除了所有的混乱:导航,链接,广告,格式化,过度图像等 如果你返回页面2.阅读模式自动激活 3.自定义字体,大小,颜色与完美的预设。 请看看截图,以了解更多信

【图】Reader Mode
Reader Mode

阅读器模式是一个功能包装的Chrome阅读扩展和web应用程序,消除杂乱,广告和干扰,同时还包括阅读障碍,书签,注释,突出显示,文本到语音和许多其他功能都在一个工具。 特点: ✔无注意力分散和无广告 “读者模式” ✔删除不需要

【图】Best Reader View
Best Reader View

Tired of cluttered web pages full of commericals? Best Reader View cleans all up and renders the only main article of the page!

【图】Minimal Reading Mode
Minimal Reading Mode

优化任何网站的易读性和阅读: 清晰的间隔字体,良好的对比度,禅焦点和夜间黑暗模式。简单轻巧


Andres Gonzalez

This extension does a wonderful job presenting just the text that I want to read. Some other reader view extensions have trouble with parsing out the main text section, especially for articles on Yahoo Finance.
这个扩展做了一个很好的工作,只提供了我想读的文本。其他一些读者视图扩展在解析出正文部分时遇到了麻烦,尤其是关于Yahoo Finance的文章。

Frans Domagk

This extension does a wonderful job presenting just the text that I want to read. Some other reader view extensions have trouble with parsing out the main text section, especially for articles on Yahoo Finance.

Beatrice Rossi

Ottima estensione, fantastica la possibilità di poter modificare la pagina velocemente, ottimo per escludere parti ed evitare di dover stampare centinaia di fogli 伟大的扩展,伟大的可能性,你可以快速编辑页面,非常适合排除部分,并避免必须打印数百张


Класное расширение – все что нужно для чтения (ну может еще выбор шрифта добавить) 类扩展-你需要阅读的所有内容 (可以添加字体选择)

Dickinson Pire

It helps remove irritating ads and other waste pictures and videos…….It is very helpful in reading especially to students. 它有助于消除令人恼火的广告和其他浪费的图片和视频…… 这对阅读很有帮助,特别是对学生。

Christoph Niemann

Love it. I’ve gotten fed up with news sites and other featured articles etc. showing up on the side of the article and this fixes that! so helpful 爱它。我已经厌倦了新闻网站和其他特色文章等出现在文章的一边,这解决了这一点!如此有帮助

stiven sti

1) позволяет использовать совместно с переводчиком 2) не делает мозги бесполезными функциями 3) перебрал с десяток читалок, все они написаны гандонами, как выяснилось. надеюсь это норм будет.
1) 它允许与翻译一起使用2) 它不会使大脑无用的功能3) 从十几个阅读器中删除,它们都是由甘东编写的,事实证明。我希望这将是规范。

fashion nova

Suggestion for the developer of this extension:- you should just add a default option in there. why no likes and no reviews and no user installed this extension only 207. at the time of writing this review I just installed this extension and checked it and see its working better than the popular MERCURY READER and I just switched to this. let me mention the problem I was facing with mercury reader was its not working on long blog like realpython.com its only working on half page or 1/4 half of the page
此扩展的开发人员的建议:-您应该在那里添加一个默认选项。为什么没有喜欢和没有评论,没有用户安装这个扩展只有207。在撰写这篇评论时,我刚刚安装了这个扩展,并检查了它,看到它比流行的MERCURY READER更好,我只是切换到这个。让我提一下我在水银阅读器上面临的问题是,它没有在像realpython.com这样的长博客上工作,它只在半页或1/4半页上工作


plz support latex or mathjax. All the math equations are crashed by this extension…;; plz支持乳胶或mathjax。所有的数学方程都被这个扩展崩溃…;;