【图】Popcart: Compare Prices Instantly, Save Money下载
【图】Popcart: Compare Prices Instantly, Save Money
【图】Popcart: Compare Prices Instantly, Save Money

Popcart: Compare Prices Instantly, Save Money

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Popcart 详情

Stop wasting time and let Popcart instantly compare prices for you as you shop.

“A must-have if you’re a frequent online shopper.”

➤ Epic Deals… on Everything!
Stop wasting time and let Popcart instantly compare prices on everything (from TV’s to toilet paper) for you as you shop, no clicks required.

➤ Genius Alerts
AirPods or Crocs, set one alert and Popcart will tell you when it’s back in stock or drops in price at any store.

➤ Coupons? No problem
No more waiting for coupon codes at checkout. Popcart automatically shows the price with coupons applied before you even add an item to your cart. That’s the key to finding the best deals!

➤ Shop safe
We are looking out for you. We will flag price gouging or too-good-to-be-true prices from shady sellers on online marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart.

Don’t miss out on a better price! Join 60,000+ Popcart members and find your first Epic Deal on Popcart today.

If you have any questions or suggestions email us at team@popcart.com or visit our FAQ page: https://www.popcart.com/faq

By clicking “Add to Chrome” you agree to Popcart’s Terms & Conditions: https://www.popcart.com/terms

Built with ♥ in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Letp Deals… 关于一切!
停止浪费时间,让Popcart立即比较价格的一切 (从电视到卫生纸) 为您购物,无需点击。



我们在为你着想。我们将在亚马逊 (Amazon) 和沃尔玛 (Walmart) 等在线市场上的阴暗卖家那里打出价格或太好而不真实的价格。

不要错过更好的价格!加入60,000个Popcart会员,今天在Popcart上找到您的第一个Epic Deal。

如果您有任何问题或建议,请在team@popcart.com或访问我们的常见问题页面: https://www.popcart.com/faq

点击 “添加到Chrome” 您同意Popcart的条款和条件: https://www.popcart.com/terms


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Edie Dull

I love that this app pops up on Amazon to tell me whether or not I have the best price. 我喜欢这个应用程序在亚马逊上弹出,告诉我我是否有最好的价格。

sandra evans

i absolutely LOVE this extension! It has saved me a lot of money and its so easy love it! 我绝对喜欢这个扩展!它为我节省了一大笔钱,它如此轻松地喜欢它!

Matt Gilhooly

I really enjoy this app. So far it has saved me a few hundred dollars as I am buying things for a new home. Popcart for the win! 我真的很喜欢这个应用程序。到目前为止,它为我节省了几百美元,因为我正在为新家买东西。Popcart争取胜利!


Very very happy with this app 非常非常高兴这个应用程序

Alina Lee

I love how it lets me know before I check out if there are better deals on other websites/stores. I’ve also used it to keep track of stock information, but there seemed to be a delay or some miscommunication because when I clicked the link, it was already sold out again. It’s great for the price comparison, but no luck with the stock info yet.

Angela Andrews

Love this extension, it has saved me so much money this shopping season 喜欢这个扩展,这个购物季给我省了这么多钱

James C

Very easy to use extension. but it just keep getting a error when try to click the shop it offers 非常容易使用的扩展。但它只是在尝试点击它提供的商店时不断出现错误


I’m a bargain shopper and with the help of Popcart I’ve saved even more $$! 我是个便宜货的购物者,在Popcart的帮助下,我节省了更多的美元!

Jerry Dewberry

I love Popcart! Immediately upon installing, I was in need of a washing machine. The one I decided on was at Lowes and Popcart popped up showing me that it was $81 less at Home Depot. I told the sales person this and they matched the price. Popcart also shows up when I am about to purchase from Amazon which I do a lot. It tells me if I have the best price or I could do better elsewhere. Great extension to add!
我爱波普卡特!安装后,我立即需要一台洗衣机。我决定的那个是在Lowes和Popcart出现,告诉我在家得宝 (Home Depot) 少了81美元。我跟销售人员说了这个,他们配了价格。当我即将从亚马逊购买时,Popcart也会出现,我做了很多事情。它告诉我,如果我有最好的价格,或者我可以在其他地方做得更好。伟大的扩展添加!

Laura Schwartz

I’ve found this to be a very helpful extension, but I do wish that I was available as an app on my phone. I can’t seem to find anything for that and I do waaaayyy too much shopping from there. I’d also like to see more stores represented to have a real price comparison.

Michael Ashby

Good Tool when shopping online. The effectiveness of Popcart varies from site to site. When I was shopping for parts to build a new computer, it did help me save a few bucks comparing several sites, which saved me about $20-$50 on my overall project. It did not work on every site, and sometimes it said I had found the best price, so I would say it’s a good option when comparing prices while shopping online. Worst case, it won’t save you money because the Popcart doesn’t work with a particular web site, or you have already found the lowest price. Best case, it does find you a lower price for the item or items you are looking for, and you save a few dollars. It does not cost you anything to try it.

Frank Potee

This works great and have saved quite a few dollars. Suggest you get it and start saving today 这很管用,节省了不少美元。建议你得到它,并开始保存今天

Mary Vucic

I have just started using this on my chromebook a few weeks ago and I as so happy with it. It really helps save me a ton of money. Easy to use and install. 几周前,我刚刚开始在我的chromebook上使用这个,我对此非常满意。这真的帮我省了一大笔钱。易于使用和安装。

Chrystal Foster

saved me $10 on a NINTENDO SWITCH!!! i love saving money! 在一个NINTENDO SWITCH上给我省了10美元!我喜欢省钱!

Mark Van Bever

This one of my favorite tools for shopping. Recently, it saved me $60 on an electric scooter. 这是我最喜欢的购物工具之一。最近,它为我节省了60美元的电动滑板车。

Rolf Kramer

Great product! Works in the background until you need it. always accurate about the price comparison . Checks for out of stock as well! 很棒的产品!在后台工作,直到你需要它。价格比较总是准确的。检查也缺货!

Jean Painter

Works great on Amazon and many other sites too. I’ve saved quite a bit of time and money with this extension and recommend it to all my friends and family members. 在亚马逊和许多其他网站上也能发挥出色。我用这个扩展节省了相当多的时间和金钱,并将它推荐给我的所有朋友和家人。

Alice RedmondNeal

I’ve found this provides useful information and I’ve followed the recommendation about the best price site several times. A couple of times I’ve found stock has not been available at the advertised price, but I’ll keep trying and keep buying!

Gouda Cheese

It says that it will alert you when new stock of an item is put in, and it has failed to notify me even once about it. The whole reason I downloaded it was because of the alerts and they simply dont work. 1/10 absolutely terrible.

Ryan Stark

Hi there, We would love to understand what prevented your notifications from arriving. Can you contact us at care@popcart.com so we can look into what happened. Thanks, Ryan 嗨,我们很想了解是什么阻止了您的通知到达。你能在care@popcart.com联系我们,这样我们就能调查一下发生了什么。谢谢,瑞安

Ryan Stark

James, We would love to fix the issue you are encountered. Can you contact us at care@popcart.com so we can look into what happened. Thanks, Ryan 詹姆斯,我们很乐意解决您遇到的问题。你能在care@popcart.com联系我们,这样我们就能调查一下发生了什么。谢谢,瑞安

Victor Aparicio

design and aesthetics are better than other extensions, and its simple to use. but only two deal alerts? Why is that? 设计和美学优于其他扩展,并且其使用简单。但只有两个交易警报?这是为什么?

Ryan Stark

Victor, Thanks for the kind words on the Popcart design, our team works really hard to make both useful and beautiful tools for saving. Regarding the 2 genius alert limit this was to ensure we had smooth launch but we will have an announcement very shortly on unlocking many more as well as some other exciting surprises. – Ryan

Jerry Drewett

Forces to login and allows to add only 2 alerts 强制登录并允许仅添加2个警报

Janene Nad

I thought popcart worked well, told my family and friends about it so they could use it during the holidays 我认为popcart效果很好,把它告诉了我的家人和朋友,这样他们就可以在假期里使用它

Nicholas Echevarria

Not user friendly, not a very good interface, only checks for stock a few times a day, so good luck getting a PS5 or RTX GPU. I will stick with www.nowinstock.net, they refresh every 30 seconds and its easy to add alerts.
不用户友好,不是一个很好的界面,每天只检查几次库存,所以祝你好运得到一个PS5或RTX GPU。我将坚持使用www.nowinstock.net,它们每30秒刷新一次,并且它很容易添加警报。

Ryan Stark

Nicholas, We are sorry you found the interface confusing. Our goal is to allow users to set back in stock alerts from any of our supported retailers and the unique aspect about our alerts is they leverage in-stock data from all other users with the same alert. We are constantly refining our tech and we hope we can help you save money and find rare items. – Ryan

Alex Gallagher

Wanted it for an alert for the RTX 3060 ti, but its not a option. :/ 想要它为RTX 3060 ti的警报,但它不是一个选项。:/

Ryan Stark

Alex, We support setting alerts for any item. For instance you can visit this page at Best Buy to create an alert for a RTX 3060 TI. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3060-ti-8gb-gddr6-pci-express-4-0-graphics-card-steel-and-black/6439402.p?skuId=6439402 – Ryan
亚历克斯,我们支持为任何项目设置警报。例如,您可以访问Best Buy的这个页面,为RTX 3060 TI创建警报。https://www.bestbuy.com/site/ nvidia-geforce-rtx-3060-ti-8gb-gddr6-pci-express-4-0-graphics-card-steel-and-black/6439402。p?skuId = 6439402 – Ryan

Ryan Stark

Janene, Thank you for the review and we will be excited to share the enchantments the team is already hard at work on. – Ryan Janene,谢谢你的审查,我们将很高兴分享团队已经在努力工作的魅力。-瑞安

Ryan Stark

Jerry, Thanks for installing Popcart.  We only require login to save alerts to our server (you can enjoy price comparison without ever logging in).  The 2 alert limit is only while we rollout this extremely powerful feature fully.  We expect to make an announcement on more alerts for every user very shortly. Thanks, Ryan
杰瑞,谢谢你安装Popcart。我们只需要登录才能将警报保存到我们的服务器 (您可以享受价格比较而无需登录)。2警报限制只是在我们全面推出这个非常强大的功能。我们预计很快就会为每个用户发布更多警报。谢谢,瑞安

keristan harden

Thanks for nothing now i’ve wasted 2 week of my life on a wild goose chase bc ur app won’t pop up or email me 谢谢你,现在我已经浪费了2周的生活在一个野鹅追逐bc你的应用程序不会弹出或发送电子邮件给我

Ryan Stark

Keristan, We’re sorry you had anything short of an outstanding experience with Popcart. Can you please contact us over email at care@popcart.com so we can learn more and make it right. – Ryan 凯里斯坦,我们很抱歉你在Popcart上有过出色的经历。您可以通过电子邮件在care@popcart.com联系我们,这样我们就可以了解更多并使其正确。-瑞安