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【图】On-Page SEO Checklist, Ranking Factors & Tips
【图】On-Page SEO Checklist, Ranking Factors & Tips

On-Page SEO Checklist, Ranking Factors & Tips

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On-Page SEO Checklist, Ranking Factors & Tips详情

An On-Page Checklist Created From Taking The Very Best SEO Tips From Top SEP Experts and Curating Them Into This Single SEO Ranking Tool
Use This On Page SEO Checklist To Help You Rank Your Content Faster (Even If You Know Nothing About SEO).
You Will Also Need Less Backlinks To Rank Your Blog Posts If You Follow The Steps In This Checklist.

– Up To Date On-Page SEO Ranking Factors
– These SEO Tips In This Checklist Are Curated From The Very Best Tips Taken From Video Tutorials and Blog Posts From Top SEO Experts
– These Are On Page SEO Tips That Work That I Have Noted Down From Watching Hours Of YouTube Videos And Reading Loads Of Blog Posts and Other
Peoples Checklists.
– I Have Added Some Of My own On-Page SEO Tips and Tools That You Wont Find Anywhere Else


– Which Is The Best SEO Plugin In 2020 And Why
– Which WordPress Plugin Is Best For Creating Faq Schema For Your Website Results In The Search Results
– How To Map Out Your Websites Categories In A Silo In Just A Couple Of Clicks With A Free Tool I Link To
– My Recommended Fiverr Gigs To Get Your Site Speed Sorted, Or SSL certificate Installed Or Various Other Technical SEO Tasks That Are Often Better Done
By An Expert At Low Cost. (This is Gold, I Have Tried Several and Lost Time and Money With Hiring The Wrong People)
– The Recommended Formula For Your First Paragraph Of Your Content To Hook The Reader In The Form Of A Fill In The Blanks Script.
– Where To Get A Free Keyword Research Tool That Will Speed Up Your Content Topics And Related Keywords
– Discover The Plugin By Google That Integrates Your WordPress Site With Google Search Console and Analytics in Just a Few Clicks.

I have Included Some Bonus Tools Too Including My Own WordPress SEO Plugins
– Free HTML Code Plugin and Tools For Featured Snippets Optimization (Unlimited Use – Just Upload To Your WordPress Websites And Use And Chrome Extension Version Added For Non WordPress Users)
– Free ‘Silo Alpha’ Plugin To Bulk Create Categories and Sub- Categories For An Focused SEO Architecture For Your WordPress Blogs From One Page With 1-
Click (Unlimited Use – Just Upload To Your WordPress Websites And Use)

On Page SEO Is the methods used To Optimize Your Individual Web Pages And Content For More Relevant Traffic And Higher Search Rankings. On-page SEO focuses on optimizing parts of your website that are within your control including Page title, Page description, Your URL, Header Text Tags (h1, h2, h3 and h4 tags), Image Title, Image Description Alt Text, Your Inbound and Outbound Anchor Text and Hyperlinks.
On-Page SEO can be done for your blog posts, YouTube video descriptions, online press releases, podcast pages and a whole lot more, and does not include backlinking or technical SEO although we have covered both in small parts within this checklist.

The main factors that we need to be aware of are understanding the intent of the search query and also the user experience and user behavior signals.
For example things like dwell time or retention time on your content is an indicator for Google whether to improve, maintain or drop your rankings for individual keyword phrases.
Also the click through rate from the search results are taken into account so your headline optimization is a major ranking factor as well for you to get more traffic to your content.

Some other tips for better on-page seo within the checklist and here are some that i think you need to pay attention to.

Use short paragraphs and use white space in between your paragraphs.
Increase the topical relevance of your content by using tools like ubersuggest (this is a free keyword research tool) to identify sub topics within your main topic top cover.

For example with on page SEO i need to cover things like Click Through Rates, Topical Relevance, Search Intent of The User, Length Of Content and length Of Titles and Page URLs, Image Optimization, Readability and Content Formatting, Meta data, Structured data and more.

Use Google Analytics and other reporting tools to know what keywords are driving traffic and if you use the Google Site Kit Plugin this is easy to integrate with your website along with site speed monitoring, Google search console and even adsense can be integrated with Googles plugin.

Schema is always good to use as well as AMP (accelerated mobile pages), fortunately BOTH have easy to set up plugins that you can use and have them set up in a few minutes.

FAQ schema is now huge as it will show answers form FAQs on your post in the search results and this increases the size of the space you take up in the search results.This cane be done with rank math SEO plugin content blocks or using the free structured data plugin found on WordPress plugin directory, i have linked to both within the checklist and included an over the shoulder video on using the FAQ schema from Neil Patel.

Use big images for Google discovery. What is it?
“Discover is a feed that appears on the home page of Google’s iOS and Android app, as well as the mobile Google.com homepage. Users are able to personalize their feeds so they see content that pertains to them. Unlike Google Search Ads, people don’t need to enter a search query to have these ads appear.”

Check in Google search console for any warnings regarding indexing or errors on your pages.
Specifically watch out for 404 pages. Fix 404 Pages that are identified within the search console as this may affect your rankings and traffic for all pages on your site as it creates a poor user experience which is becoming even more of a ranking factor.

Internal and outbound links are still really important. Think of internal links as helping with creating an in depth site architecture and outbound links are to relevant and useful content outside of your own blog or website that is actually helpful to your readers.

On-Page SEO Checklist, Ranking Factors & Tips中文

在页面搜索引擎优化列表中使用此选项,以帮助您更快地排名您的内容 (即使您对搜索引擎优化一无所知)。



-我推荐的Fiverr Gigs让您的网站速度排序,或安装SSL证书或各种其他技术SEO任务通常更好地完成

我已经包含了一些奖励工具,包括我自己的WordPress SEO插件
-免费的HTML代码插件和工具精选片段优化 (无限使用-只需上传到您的WordPress网站和使用和Chrome扩展版本添加为非WordPress用户)
-免费 ‘Silo Alpha ‘插件批量创建类别和子类别为您的WordPress博客从1页与1-
点击 (无限使用-只需上传到您的WordPress网站并使用)

在页面搜索引擎优化是用来优化您的个人网页和内容,以获得更多相关的流量和更高的搜索排名的方法。页面SEO专注于优化您的网站的部分,在您的控制范围内,包括页面标题,页面描述,您的URL,标题文本标签 (h1,h2,h3和h4标签),图像标题,图像描述Alt文本,您的入站和出站文本和超链接。



通过使用像ubersughe这样的工具 (这是一个免费的关键词研究工具) 来确定您的主要主题封面中的子主题,来增加内容的主题相关性。



Schema总是很好的使用以及AMP (加速移动页面),幸运的是,有很容易设置插件,你可以使用,并让他们在几分钟内设置。


“Discover” 是出现在Google的iOS和Android应用程序的主页上,以及移动Google.com主页上的feed。用户能够个性化他们的提要,这样他们就可以看到与他们有关的内容。与Google搜索广告不同,人们不需要输入搜索查询即可显示这些广告。”



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