【图】Whatomat – Send WhatsApp messages in bulk +下载
【图】Whatomat – Send WhatsApp messages in bulk +
【图】Whatomat – Send WhatsApp messages in bulk +

Whatomat – Send WhatsApp messages in bulk +

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Whatomat 详情

Whatomat is the ultimate WhatsApp sender for reaching up to new leads and keeping on relationships with your important ones.

Till now, it was obvious to do marketing by using personalized bulk SMS or by emails; but today, you can finally reach your clients on there preferred messaging platform… on WhatsApp, of course.

Sending personalized WhatsApp messages manually is frustrating, slow, time-consuming, and may lead to embarrassing mistakes.

Our solution allows you to send personalized messages fast, easy, accurate, and completely automatically, so you can continue to focus on your other important business’ tasks.

We offer you to become a superhuman with Whatomat:

* send personalized messages like you would do manually:
1. Personal approach with your customers’ names, cities, dates, etc. (and using any piece of information that you have on them in the table)
2. Use emojis
3. Attach a picture

* Highly convenient:
1. Complementary to your CRM system
2. Send messages to any form of a number in your list (with/without country code, +, etc.)
3. Send messages to contacts that are saved on your device or fresh new numbers

* Applicable to any language:
1. The extension’s interface is in English, but it sends messages in any language
2. You choose the writing direction (Left to Right, Right to Left)

* Safety is our motto:
1. Your data stays on your computer only
2. Our Chrome extension is aligned with Google’s regulations and GDPR compliance, not a scary .exe software
3. You can cancel the subscription at any time and for any reason

* ROI- the money that you save/make thanks to Whatomat:
1. Not heavy-cost annually-payment, but light and considerable payment, that can be stopped anytime
2. Send as many messages as you want with no additional charges (not like SMS)
3. Time=money. Take the number of hours that you, or your employee, spend on writing manual marketing messages, multiple it by the average hourly salary, and voilà… a lot of money is saved!
4. Think about how many customers you have missed just because you didn’t find the time to send them messages on the right moment… voilà… a lot of money is made!

* Updates – constant developments for a perfect service:
1. We commit to develop this extension and keep in being at the edge of technology and market
2. We encourage you to get into our website and ask for new features according to your need
3. We stay aligned with WhatsApp updates to continue being stable anytime and to enrich your experience with us

Don’t stay behind with outdated heavy softwares.
Automate yourself with Whatomat now.

Whatomat 中文


到现在为止,通过使用个性化的批量短信或电子邮件进行营销是显而易见的; 但今天,你终于可以在那里首选的消息平台上接触到你的客户…当然,在WhatsApp上。


我们的解决方案允许您快速、简单、准确、完全自动地发送个性化消息,这样您就可以继续专注于您的其他重要业务 ‘任务。


* 发送个性化的消息,你会手动:
1.个人方法与您的客户 ‘的姓名,城市,日期等 (并使用任何信息,你在他们的表格)

* 高度方便:
2.发送消息到您的列表中的任何形式的数字 (有/没有国家代码等)

* 适用于任何语言:
1.扩展 的界面是英语,但它发送的消息是任何语言
2.您选择书写方向 (从左到右,从右到左)

* 安全是我们的座右铭:

* ROI-您节省/赚钱感谢Whatomat:
2.发送尽可能多的信息,没有额外的费用 (不像短信)
3.时间 = 金钱。以你或你的员工在写手工营销信息上花费的小时数,按平均每小时工资计算,然后再计算……省下了一大笔钱!

* 更新-不断发展的完美服务:


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Shahaf Baron

Finally sender that works well! Thank you!!!

schr office

Great extension! Bravo!

Elad Schreiber

Whatomat has increased my productivity, by saving me a lot of time and energy in writing messages! It works smoothly and better than my expectations 🙂 Whatomat提高了我的生产力,通过为我节省了大量的时间和精力在写信息!它工作顺利,比我的预期更好 🙂


עובד מעולה! תודה רבה!!!

Pierre Choukroun

Works like a charm ! This is a very user-friendly and handy chrome extension. Great tool ! Thanks 像魅力一样的作品!这是一个非常用户友好和方便的铬扩展。很棒的工具!谢谢

judith haziot

This is a powerful tool! Finally a sender that works as it should work 🙂 Thank you!!! 这是一个强大的工具!最后一个发件人,它应该工作,因为它应该工作 🙂 谢谢!

Geoffrey Novel


Gabriel Zavatini

Good. But not work menssage box…