transfer page from light theme to dark one and make it more readable when light is off

are you often reading online books or blogs in dark? if so using this extension web page theme will transfer from light to dark and would become more readable

version 2.1
it is optimized for Facebook and has added dark theme for pretty-printed codes (for example on stackoverflow.com);
although when you activate MoonR it is activated for all tabs and if you refresh them or open new one or restart chrome and it will still be active

version 2.0
it is much faster and you can click on icon again and page style will be restored to its original state


一款高效的网络请求过滤工具,占用极低的内存和 CPU。
一款高效的请求过滤工具:占用极低的内存和CPU,和其他常见的过滤工具相比,它能够加载并执行上千条过滤规则。 用法:点击弹出窗口中的电源按钮,uBlock₀ 将对当前网页永久禁用/启用过滤功能。 它只控制当前网页的请求过滤,而不是一个全局开关。 它只控制当前网页的请求过滤,而不是一个全局开关。 它不只是一个广告拦截工具,它还可以从 hosts 文件里读取和创建..
Stylus 是一个调整网页外观的用户样式管理器。它可以让您轻松为许多热门网站安装主题和皮肤。
请注意我们的扩展名称是 Styl“us”而不是 Styl“ish”,在知名扩展 Stylish 停止开发后(后续接手者并非原作者),我们在它的分支 1.5.2 版本基础上开发了 Stylus。Stylus 重写并优化了大部分的代码以提高性能。 相较于 Stylish 只是它新团队的私有软件,Stylus 为人民所创,为人民服务。Chrome 版的 Styli..
Adds code intelligence to GitHub, GitLab, and other hosts: hovers, definitions, references. For 20+ languages.
The open-source Sourcegraph extension adds code navigation and code intelligence to GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, Bitbucket Server and Phabricator. • Code intelligence on your..
由于使用频率较低,Google Chrome在55版本以后删除了手动设置网站编码的功能。但是在部分设置不规范不正确的网站,新版浏览器无法准确判断其使用的编码,导致网站显示乱码。 GitHub 开源地址: https://github.com/jinliming2/Chrome-Charset v0.5.5(2020/12/9) 1. 【优化】file 协议缺..
Use Messenger.com at night! A UNOFFI..
Use Messenger.com at night! A UNOFFICIAL night mode for Facebook's web app. We have no affiliation with Facebook. A NOTE TO NEW & CURRENT USERS: - Hi all, it seems that Faceboo..
Stylus 是一个调整网页外观的用户样式管理器。它可以让您轻松为许多热门网站安装主题和皮肤。
Early access to the upcoming features. Stylus extension stable version: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/stylus/clngdbkpkpeebahjckkjfobafhncgmne/ Redesign your favorite we..
Darkens bright pages for easier nigh..
Darkens bright pages for easier night time readingUnofficial improvement of Inverter. You can set Nicer Inverter to a hot key by going to Tools -> Extensions -> Keyboard Shor..
##更改1.8.0 -修复了github评论文本的问题。 -替换没有背景图片和更新页的github样式。 -删除了Twitter样式,因为Twitter现在有一个黑暗的主题。 ..
##更改1.8.0 -修复了github评论文本的问题。 -替换没有背景图片和更新页的github样式。 -删除了Twitter样式,因为Twitter现在有一个黑暗的主题。 Features: -包括一些特定于站点的特殊样式,例如: -Facebook -Amazon -github -StackExchange BR>我意识到时尚存在,并有助于塑造..
Now you won't get blinded when tabbi..
Now you won't get blinded when tabbing from a dark window while in a dark room! Teamliquid Dark Theme is a fan-inspired extension which was created to give a more pleasing experien..
反转页面的颜色,使其在夜间更可读。相反,如果原始页面有深色背景,则可读性会降低。 视觉设计作者:Taras Lototskiy 新功能: +图像不会弄乱。 +flash支持 +..
反转页面的颜色,使其在夜间更可读。相反,如果原始页面有深色背景,则可读性会降低。 视觉设计作者:Taras Lototskiy 新功能: +图像不会弄乱。 +flash支持 +iframe支持 +单选项卡连续体验 不幸的是,它并不总是按预期工作…:( 这里我正在启动一个当前已知不工作的网站列表: -http://techcrunch.com/ (列表将被更新..
Trademall is a global online marketp..
Trademall is a global online marketplace that seller and buyer can trade easily each other by using payment system. International online shopping mall TradeMall is a global online ..
Search and access popular speedtest ..
Search and access popular speedtest quick links instantly from your new tab page! With Test Speed Here Tab you get a new tab extension that provides you with: Links to useful speed..
想象一下,如果你能每天阅读一本书,你的生活会是什么样子? 12' 在12分钟的阅读和音频中提取了非小说畅销书的最佳创意。 增加你的知识,扩大你的视野,使自己变得更好,更聪明。 ..
想象一下,如果你能每天阅读一本书,你的生活会是什么样子? 12' 在12分钟的阅读和音频中提取了非小说畅销书的最佳创意。 增加你的知识,扩大你的视野,使自己变得更好,更聪明。 成千上万的人已经沉迷于我们的微型书籍,这些书籍有文本和音频格式。 你知道你一直想读的那本书,但从来没有时间吗? 在12分钟内阅读或收听! 如何创建microbooks: • ..
Improve your intelligence with this ..
Improve your intelligence with this most beautiful chess game. You can play the game against 2 players or computers. You can set up 4 different difficulty levels against the comput..
Have you ever seen a thumb fight in ..
Have you ever seen a thumb fight in the Old West? Now yes! The Saloon is invaded by many armed inches. You must act to resolve the conflict. You have to unsheathe the first in orde..
Actors reading children's books alou..
Actors reading children's books aloud. Reading to children has been repeatedly shown to improve their reading, writing and communication skills, logical thinking, concentration and..
テキストエリアをリッチにします テキストエリアをリッチエディタへ変身させます
テキストエリアをリッチにします テキストエリアをリッチエディタへ変身させます
This extension allows you to access ..
This extension allows you to access beautiful,high resolution wallpapers,provides web search from your new tab and much more With an amazing HD photo collection of Star Wars charac..
How to Download Blink App for pc Ste..
How to Download Blink App for pc Step by Step Guide.Though it is a mobile app, people want to download the Blink app for PC. That is why here we are going to show you some easy ste..
Powerful html and JavaScript preproc..
Powerful html and JavaScript preprocessor and builder for easy creating GUI applications (EXE) and Web Pages. Furia Script is a handy and easy to understand preprocessor and builde..